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  1. How do you expect a well fed, overpaid, pot-bellied Shell worker to learn from what you have written about his employer-saviour-master? He will either laugh at you or hate you. But for me it is a good write up. Shell and co should be exposed for their atrocities at every turn, they have done enough.

  2. Thanks again for another brilliant article. My question is how do we turn the irrefutable evidence and information gathered on the heinous abuses and excesses of the oil companies operating with the collaboration of the federal government in the Niger Delta into action that effectively prevents the abuses from continuing and forces the companies to restore what they have destroyed? I think that is what the Niger Deltans want to see.

  3. If ecocide could be limited significantly or totally in the Niger Delta then the crises should end. Who knows.

  4. I will like to see the original and complete wikileaks documents on Shell’s infiltration of Nigeria’s government departments. What did Shell’s management actually perpetrate or achieve by planting officials in government? Reading the blog on here “Educating A Shell Worker” we clearly now how Shell infiltrated the Nigerian government i.e. using scholarships, jobs and contracts. Is Shell responsible for grand levels of corruption, genocide, ecocide, misgovernance in Nigeria? Did Ken Saro-Wiwa die because of Shell’s profiteering or Abacha’s megalomania or both? It is simply not enough to mention just that Shell’s infiltrated the government. What is Shell responsible for in Nigeria? We want to know! And scientifically.