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  1. Wonderful that you put down thoughts on this. A contact on Twitter, Foghi Batarhe (@Batarhe) had also written on A Nigeria W/out Oil. Can find the article if you wish.

    My speculation on this, formed as far back as 2010 is this. Nigeria would still produce crude and find buyers for a while. When buyers move towards other energy sources, oil from the Niger Delta would no longer generate as much revenue. Then, calls for full federalism: economic/fiscal in particular would arise from many parts of the country, especially the South West. Their argument would be, Shebi, you people don dey fight for resource control since? oya take! They would not bear in mind that a good deal of their infrastructure was built on gains from the Niger Delta.

    Perhaps I’d write more on this later. As you said, people wey know dey look.

    Nice piece Sir. I stay learning from you.