Mantissism on the Rise?


“Mantissism” is a revived doctrine of self-sacrifice once developed and practiced in former times to achieve the common good among communities currently emanating and harnessed in Nigeria by a small group as a return to principles that fostered collective prosperity and harmony in coastal West African society and well beyond. ‘Mantissism in practice’ is a potential antidote to legalised, legitimised or impunity-driven greed and corruption as well as misgovernance in society. The potential is not in doubt but the popularity and embodiment of the practice by large sections of the society has to be thoroughly promoted, constructed and developed to be functional and useful.

Mantissism is about leadership. A true Mantista is a leader who does not necessary lead from the front (though he mostly does) but embodies the authority and responsibility that ever stands in the centre of activity, where risks are embraced with wisdom and challenges met with courage on behalf of and directly with his people. The Mantista is neither a warrior nor diplomat nor statesman, he is a sage or pre-sage like figure who is appointed by the times to provide whatever needs his people require adequately, immediately or in the long term. Mantistas are not very common.

However, Mantissism is one of those things that are easy to understand but hard to define. Explanations and descriptions can be vague or messy but the reality is witnessed fully in the present moment and from sentient experience. It is now up to the reigning Mantista of the day to define the meaning, nature, purpose and mechanism of Mantissism in both Okolowist and common knowledge terms. We always have to leave Mantissism and what it embodies to the Mantista.

I leave it here.


Grimot Nane

2 responses

  1. When the deep calls to the deep

    The deep understands…

    Provocative & intelligently scripted!

    Need to digest & ruminate on the denotative essence of Grimot’s communication


    • Thank you, Omonigho, you have made scribblings more meaningful. Mantissism as a practice may be or become dormant due to the demands and conditions of the time but it must never misapplied or wasted. We may take it for granted the the Mantista does not abuse or misuse his authority. Mantissism is alive and it is solely in the hands of the Mantista, not his council nor his courtiers nor his advisers nor his supporters nor his flatterers nor his opponents nor his enemies. As I said before we must let the Mantista follow his appointed metier of making society flourish and staying that way; it is all up him, no one else, just him.


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