Nigeria: Leaky Presidential Conversations & Leaky Security

buhari jonathan pic

Photo: Courtesy

It is felbenious that the details and recording of President Goodluck Jonathan’s congratulatory and concession phone call to Muhammadu Buhari is easily accessible in the public domain. It is a sheer breach of national security for such a thing to happen no matter the source of the leak. When leaders are not content with a historic political victory at the polls, we wonder what it will take to make them satisfied enough to rule Nigeria conscientiously and properly. From a president to a (former head of state and) president-elect is utter carelessness to expose their private conversations.

Democracy is not equivalent to the absence of privacy. In fact, democracy is supposed to protect privacy as a right of the individual, not just property rights. If security is not a habit of the leadership how can it be their habit when it comes to everyday Nigerian society? The spotlight should now be on security. Leaks, leaks, leaks, do you remember?

I wonder when the messages between Buhari and Bola Ahmed Tinubu will become public knowledge concerning ‘certain allegations’. Millions of Nigerians will relish those moments thoroughly. Buhari has not even been sworn into office neither has Jonathan left. “I start to think!”

Grimot Nane

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