Is it Not Time to Privatise the Three Arms of the Nigerian Government?


It is amazing to hear that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s refineries are to be sold due to inefficiency and under-performance problems if a self-set 30-day government ultimatum is not met. This is the same NNPC that is supposed to be the only concrete evidence that President Muhammadu Buhari is doing a good job. Ibe Kachikwu, NNPC’s new General managing Director, is even portrayed as some Nigerian equivalent of Jack Welch, a great American super-CEO. Yet, privatisation is the most possible solution to the refineries failing performance, especially when it comes to fuel provisions. The logic of governance is failing Nigeria’s management disastrously and common sense is appearing to be increasingly uncommon the higher one goes.

I have never seen any national institutions in the world that has failed deliver more disastrously (on a per capita resources level) than the Nigerian institutions called the “Presidency”, the “National Assembly” and the “Judiciary”; yes, the three arms of government. These institutions have perennially failed woefully in the performance of their duties at all levels. They have failed society and citizens so badly no good is expected of them by most Nigerians without the generous helpings of greed, ethnicism, delusion and prayer. Buhari says he will change all that.

Why is no politician or technocrat seriously suggesting the privatisation of the Presidency, the National Assembly and the Judiciary to the lowest bidder? Do they lack to guts or intelligence to promote neoliberalism properly, in its truest form? There are a few things in the world more inefficient than misgovernance borne of the kleptocracy that drives Nigerian government officials. The “free market” should be able to run the Presidency, the National Assembly and the Judiciary far much better than Nigeria’s state apparatus has ever done. This, if implemented, would ensure better value for money, efficiency and choice to the system of governance in the country.

I would sincerely love to see how politicians and technocrats will react to a debate or popular mass demonstrations by the members of the public that seriously ends in the Presidency, the National Assembly and the Judiciary being given a 90, 180 or 1000 days ultimatum to preform to First World standards/expectations or be sold to the lowest bidder. Maybe then useful sense may truly be common to politicians and technocrats again.

The government should now be given the choice of markets they have always given the general public. If executives, legislators, judges and technocrats cannot run Nigeria and its institutions properly they should give way to market ownership.


Grimot Nane

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