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  1. A very interesting read. True not just of Gov Oshiomole but of many who falsely potrayed themselves as the people’s saviour.

  2. With due regards to the author of this write up I wish to state categorically that governor Adams Oshiomhole has never as shop food trade union activist, as general secretary of one the larger trade unions, as President of Nigeria Labour Congress, or as governor of Edo state pretended to be a socialist talk less of Marxian socialist

    1. Thank you for your response, which I find interesting. I have never heard of a keen capitalist or pro-capitalist rise through ranks to the very top of a national umbrella trade union unless as an infiltrating agent. Oshiomhole’s core rhetoric is completely congruent with scocialist rhetoric; workers rights, worker’s revolt, the struggle, the interest of the masses, anti-capitalism, anti-globalisation, anti-GATT. anti-WTO, minimum wage, radicalism etc. And people believed it uncritically especially after his success against General Abacha. His life-style had a distinct African socialist identity to it; the khakis, the motorbikes, the “I am just another member of the masses” persona were all his choice. His relationship with internationalist socialist organisations particularly the International Socialist Tendency cannot be denied. In fact, social publications, many that are online today, wrote that they saw Oshiomhole as a major socialist governance opportunity in Africa; were they delusional? The current incarnation of Oshiomhole cannot reject his recorded past rhetoric or recorded past lifestyle or recorded organisational alliances that were irrefutably socialist. The lightest description of Oshiomhole as a trade unionist and ideologue is that he was very far-left leaning. I wonder what such can be best called. That is how I see it.