Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria: Part 5 (Extended)

In FAVIN (Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria) Part 5 (see: the issue articulated was the presence of Cheaters, Grudgers and Suckers in the membership constitution of UCGFs (University Campus Grown Fraternities) based on the understanding of Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene. From keener observation, that there is another prevalent category of character within UCGFs that has a more insidious character and may be more of a threat to unsuspecting members of the fraternity and society than the dreaded Cheater.

He is the Hopper. He is so categorised because he often plays the role of the Cheater, Grudger and Sucker (even though he is neither) all in one and sometimes, simultaneously, depending on what suits him at the time. The Hopper mostly presents himself as a Grudger who supports Cheaters with keen sophistry. His distinguishing features are his arrogance masked with self-righteousness, his incessant caustic complaints about the fraternity, his evident insecurities and tardiness in action [he acts last then claims he saw it first]. He is the guy who sees and proclaims his UCGF as ugly, mindless, a waste of time, populated by morons, a mistake, evil, criminal etc. But the more he derides the fraternity the more he attends their meetings, the more money he gives them, the more involved he is in in their projects, the more committed he becomes. The Hopper never promotes or adheres to the core interests of the UCGF, he simply uses it to promote his own privately not publicly; he never wants to be known in public as a member to protect his “good guy” image.

Unlike the typical Cheater, the Hopper is not searching for money or personal power from the fraternity, all he needs is their validation. He craves validation with at least neurotic fervor but often a manic passion is evident. The Hopper is usually moderately successful in life and apparently financially self-sufficient but many are not that fortunate in life. He has a “good guy” image and does everything to protect it; it takes a long time to see through him. This good guy Hopper seems to be only able make friends within his chosen UCGF and never elsewhere. How can a person work in a public service department, a corporate concern, a university or attend a church or mosque for 10 to 20 years and make no meaningful friends there? Something is wrong with him and the fraternity.

His UCGF friends are typically all expendable, the less successful in life or the less useful they are to him personally, the more expendable they are to the Hopper. Hoppers tend to cling “loyally” to those who are more successful financially than they are or those who hold power within the fraternity. Those who are much less well off than himself and have no fraternal power are the very first to identify his surreptitious “chameleonic duplicity” but time progresses everyone gets it, often to the shock of the better off ones. He damages people mostly with slander, treachery and moral hazard when least expected. He gets favours frequently but never does any for anyone.

The Hopper is the doctor who will abandon his good friend on the high street and walk away hurriedly if the friend suddenly collapses but will claim he was the one that saved your life. He is exceedingly happy to be duty doctor at the UCGF annual convention. He is lawyer who will refuse to give you simple legal advice but will announce to the fraternity how you did not listened to the gifted advice he gave you. He is overly flattered to be legal adviser to the central executive of the UCGF. He is the lecturer who refused to look through his assignments but claim your good grades or even graduation were down to him. He relishes being relied upon by the UCGF for his strategic thinking. Validation is important to the Hopper.

Like we see in gangster movies, the Hopper gravitates towards gangsters when he needs them desperately only to abandon the gang when his “conscience” mysteriously pricks into him their crimes and evils, well, when he is sated. For him it is a necessary cycle; fly with the bad guys today, reject the bad guys tomorrow, the day after… He is usually the informant who was naïve when he joined the UCGF and fervently backed the bad guys, since he is always a good guy. The Hopper is ever-wise and ever-naïve, as it suits him.

The Hopper is nothing but a selfish ruthless “Attachee” who cares only about himself. If he had no need for validation he would be a “lone wolf”. These are the kind of homes UCGFs are and in the end many Hoppers end up in isolation from their chosen fraternities and society altogether. Track the damage Hopper has done to lives of his fraternal brothers and members of society. You will be amazed at the handiwork of the self-styled “good guy”, he is a born traitor.

Grimot Nane

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