The NLC to Blame for Corruption?

Blamocracy backed up by ephemerally successful public relations is both the signature and dominant mode of governance by the current government of President Muhammadu Buhari. With the president off the scene on an “extended holiday” his Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, is carrying on the tradition of blamocracy unrelentingly. The President and the road sweeper miraculously became “We” in Osinbajo’s rhetoric, yes undifferentiated equals. The everyday Nigerian does not feel that “We” in any sense whatsoever. Nevertheless, at a meeting the day before yesterday with the executives of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) et al, of the many things he diligently lectured them about for hours, Osinbajo  very sneakily shifted blamed on them for being “silent” even “complicit” in the corruption viciously ravaging Nigeria. We are all responsible period.

To stealthily imply the NLC et al was silent and complicit in Nigeria’s habituation corrupt is quite an ingenious excuse for nonfeasance and failure. The goal of the labour unions is to make life (working and living conditions) better for the common workers and everyday people. The concept of labour unions necessarily includes anticorruption. Most of labour unions’ struggles are vehemently against unfair self-enrichment, increasing economic inequality, human exploitation, deprivation of social amenities, price gorging, crony privatisation, avoidable price hikes etc. which are closely related as causes and symptoms to the menace of corruption.

Where does Osinbajo’s blame-shifting upon the NLC for corruption originate from? It would be folly to suggest the NLC is devoid of corrupt members. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole gives good reason to some to doubt the sincerity of the NLC, but he is a kingpin in Buhari’s blamocracy.

To match the logic of Osinbajo’s blames placed upon the NLC let us look at a set qualifying solutions. Osinbajo should because of his absolute sincerity and undying love for Nigeria do the following things to help the NLC free Nigeria from corruption. (a) Give the NLC [nominated members] the power to arrest state employees they find credibly alleged to be engaged in corrupt practices. (b) The NLC [nominated members] should be constitutionally licensed to bear firearms. (c) The NLC should be invested with parallel powers [to the judiciary] to prosecute and sentence state employees alleged and guilty of corruption. (d) The NLC should be constitutionally invested with the rights to seize, confiscate and expropriate the proceeds of corruption where proven. (e) The NLC should be invested with aforementioned powers / rights to be applicable to anyone employed by the State including the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; no immunity extended to elected officials. This adopted and enforced, many will agree the incidence corruption might just enter into rapid decline. The main problem will be, are there enough jail spaces in Nigeria?

Laughable? Impractical? Impossible? Unthinkable?

How serious, practical, realistic and thoughtful is Vice President Osinbajo’s blame-shifting on the NLC for Nigeria’s overwhelming corruption? At best it will have the usual ephemeral effect then the will be a new blame to cast. That is how a blamocracy works; running down the clock.

Is it not yet time for Osinbajo to go after clerics and academics?


Grimot Nane

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