Tower Dock [Pyrates Association] is up and Running

Tower Dock, the first branch of a new organisation, has emerged exclusively from what is known as the National Association of Seadogs. It was has been floated on the early hours of Thursday, the 23rd of March 2017.
Tower Dock is the maiden branch of the Pyrates Association. Its founding members consist of seven newly initiated members (on its floating day). And fifteen members who were hitherto initiated into the National Association of Seadogs (names retained) but have chosen to seek new directions. The Pyrates Association will keep the “4-7 Creed” as its revered philosophy but completely rejects all other practices associated with the National Association of Seadogs.
Tower Dock is a fraternity of brothers that shall only engage in practices can effectively better the society and that is internally and externally consistent with the moral codes of its institution, its members and the wider society. Time will tell.
Be Good, not Lucky

5 responses

  1. Continue to lace you belief on assumption! I remain a timed and tested kripa (Pyrates Confraternity), even though I am still partially segregated. My point on the above issue remains as it was stated above, 2 days ago – ‘healing’. I know you are here on fake identity; to draw out my grievances, but the fact remains that I will pour out everything you need to know when my restrictions on CAP is lifted.

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  2. O Lucifer! It appears you are carrying the flag left behind on the flotilla by O Mutinous. Or do you now navigate the waters by his side? Ruffest


  3. Interestingly, an authoritative instruction of ‘healing’ can only right such ’embittered member’. Alas, instead of a revert to status quo; which is the essence of ‘healing’- a shortlisting of ‘healing’ was the chosen idea- a backward aspect that is lacking enlightenment.

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  4. I guess this writer is an embittered member of NAS who should seek better ways of making things right in the association. Creating associations out of an association doesn’t ever solve any problem. I might be wrong but that is my opinion.


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