The Jibaluka Confraternity is Now Floating; NAS Sinking by Ennui

A new breakaway has emerged out of the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) recently and is known as the “Jibaluka Confraternity”. While the exact details of the Jibaluka Confraternity are yet to be released to the public, the preponderance of ennui within NAS certainly led to its formation. This ennui is generated in the way Seadogs are treated. There are expected to pay their dues like men, attend meetings like men, practice brotherhood like men, take on responsibilities like men and uphold the tenets they are oathed to uphold like men, however, it is also demanded they obey orders like little boys afraid of the cane. Zombiism of another kind. Many cannot stand it any longer.

Yes, ennui has berthed the formerly promising and versatile flotilla called NAS into a very rocky and narrow straight, the kind that sinks ships mercilessly. Up the straight, no go; down the straight, no go. The ensuing ennui has been brought about by a loose mix of very poor leadership, reckless impunity, systematic wickedness, sloth, the purposeful negation of its very principles as proper and the assumption that all men are fools but their leaders are omniscient. While morale is at low ebb, enthusiasm is visible only in professional freeloaders. Belief in true Pyratism is derisory, trust between brothers has been thrown overboard, frustration is kettling 1-in-5 members to breaking point, trumping up charges against the sincere has never been higher and cupidity is breaking records before they can stand. It is not a pretty situation.

What is more interesting is that more breakaway fraternities are readying to emerge out of NAS and declare publicly with at least one being properly registered with national authorities where necessary even though it has not been declared in public.

The Jibaluka Confraternity must have something exceedingly interesting up its sleeve to offer, I am sure of it, something finely cerebral, useful to society and for everyone who encounters it. We wait. The navigation has just begun. Brave on!


Grimot Nane

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