Who is He, the Bad Brother? Wole Soyinka & His Goons

Wole Soyinka and his “goons”, as the man affectionately calls them, are the “Bad Brothers” and the Pyrates Confraternity is the “Bad Brotherhood”. It is only the long staggering history of theft, manipulation, racketeering, corruption, abuse, brutality, slavery and many inhumane practices that unambiguously establish the justification and evidence of the descriptor “Bad”.

The physical and psychological victims of this very “Badness” run into the thousands but have no voice and fear a vicious myriad of accusations, smears and violence if they speak out. There are the survivors too but most of them have cut their losses with the Confraternity even in their daily thoughts. Hundreds of men every year join the Confraternity blindly with high expectations of personal advancement but end up with one invariable outcome (cf. the road to Europe via Libya). Many within the Confraternity are still suffering as victims and these members held captive, only cope through mutual [imposed] mechanisms of steep learned helplessness and stupefaction; alcohol and song helps. The adopted but subtle indoctrination associated with aggressively absorbent cults around the world is in evidence in every prescribed action and thought of the Confraternity.

However, at the helm of the Confraternity, Wole Soyinka and his favourites [the leadership] in the 21st Century use this “Badness” to profit much and prosper endlessly at the unspeakable expense of the obedience, helplessness, fear and dehumanisation of the majority of members. Any attempts to question or speak out against such oppression and exploitation are met with sanctions, humiliation and ostracism. The fearless are crucified. The desire of the leadership to hurt others and be unfailingly loved in return needs to be observed to be appreciated. Furthermore, the climate of personal treachery and spying is so high that members’ supposedly good and old friends fear to reveal their dissatisfaction and reservations to each for fear the leadership will hear it in real-time. The Panopticon of the the leadership has turned it into a “Big Brother.”

No proper rule book for organisation, such is unnecessary for the chameleonic and rapacious modalities of the Confraternity; the whim of the ‘Capoon’ (routinely flawed and unjustified) is always in ascendancy. Disobedience like anything the leadership disapproves of is arbitrary and improvisational; anything imaginable can suddenly become an offence worthy of sanction in that moment and may never be again afterwards nor did it in past. They call it “setting trap”. As long as you are slavishly obedient, silent and pay monies is demand of you, your drudgery will be accepted though not rewarded by the leadership. That is the whole point of the “Badness” of Man and the Confraternity; money grabbing and “power” exercise.

The temerity in the mind of Wole Soyinka and his goons is that even with the thoroughly atrocious nature of their aforementioned practices and conditioning, society has to thank them profusely for it. Why not? As they see it, society ‘should’ know about all the good things they have done but their many evils ‘should’ be secret.

Establishing a just or better society”, no matter how speciously claimed, is their raison d’etre for existence even via ruthless “Badness”.

Nevertheless, we shall examine the merits of those expected thanks and their necessitating practices, successively, and see whether society will have any tolerance for such whatsoever in future.



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