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Yankius on the Ogboni Society

Alagba Aligbi: Yankiomelogbish! How now? You self na hard man O! Person no dey see your headlight again. Are you okay?

Yankius: Gba Gbi,nothing do me. Anytime I see you na something you find come. Can I help you?

Alagba Aligbi: I been dey go my father-in-law 60tth birthday, I just branch to see you. The man has tried for me. Ehe! You dey Ogbons?

Yankius: Wetin be Ogbons?

Alagba Aligbi: Ogbons na Ogboni Society now.

Yankius: (Yankius falls to the ground in a fit of explosive laughter).

Alagba Aligbi: Yankius this your laughter serious O! Small question I ask naim make you dey laugh like who smoke excess ‘fearnobody’? Abi you don dey smoke?

Yankius: (Still laughing) Gba Gbi! The word Ogboni inspires awe, respect, mystery, conspiracy, power, authority, success and the occult. By changing the “i” in Ogboni and replacing it with “s” you yeye the name anyhowly. Whether you love or hate the Ogboni Society it is always taken serious, not like their University Campus Grown Fraternity imitators when too dey thief.

Alagba Aligbi: You don come again O! How?

Yankius: Ogbons in place of Ogboni makes the Society sounds local, native, casual, irresponsible, agbero, road side, irrelevant and generally onekindish.

Alagba Aligbi: You know your problem? Let me tell you because I must tell you the truth. You are suffering from “Advanced Over-Analysis Syndrome”. Nonsense! Go and check your self, please before e pass the be careful stage.

Yankius: Tomorrow I will publish a summary of our conversation.

Alagba Aligbi: Chairman Yankius! Daddy Y! I am loyal O! Make I go the boot of my car go bring the three bottles of single malt I buy for you.

Yankius: (Receives the three bottles of Glenorangie with love) Thank you, Gba Gbi. Where you for comot these bottles God go replace am. Before I drink the three bottles finish my Advanced Over-Analysis Syndrome go done cure kpata kpata.

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