Yankius on the Sweetness of Sex

Yankius: Heeeyyy!!! Prickson, himself! The Sexual Man! Expert on Practical Urology! How you doing, Brother? You look so happy, man! Another sweet honey don confuse you?
Prickly Heat: I just tested HIV negative. The test was requested for the new job I will start in the Middle East. I was really scared but I have come out all okay. God is great.
Yankius: God is great? All those girls you fornicate with day in day out, I hope you use condoms with them.
Prickly Heat: Nope never.
Yankius: Come on! You are a medical doctor and you sleep with virtually any female that says yes, which probably 50 in 2018 already, and you don’t wear condoms. Why such recklessness Prickson?
Prickly Heat: Yankuze. Can I tell you the truth?
Yankius: Yes, feel free.
Prickly Heat: Okay. Na the water when dey inside the owinkpi naim dey sweet me, no other thing. Besides condoms are not natural.
Yankius: Madness upon nonsense! It is love and sincere intimacy that makes sex sweet not the water inside owinkpi.
Prickly Heat: Without the water there is nothing in sex. Fact. Must you philosophise everything?
Yankius: Not at all. I was only saying.
Prickly Heat: Okay lets go celebrate my employment success. Now that I have a good job relatives are now very generous with me. An empty basin get no drops, a full basin gets too many fills.
Yankius: A sound summary of fortune in Nigeria.
Two hours later in a shackis joint and lots of Gulder consumed.
Prickly Heat: (In slurred voice) Yankuze. Listen to me. You listen to me. When I earned peanuts as a doctor in Nigeria and could not even afford a car, my life did not matter much to me but now I am going earn lots of petrodollars, man I am going to use condoms very religiously and cut down seriously on women. Man shall not live by the water alone.
Yankius: We don see like that before. Toba consider circumstances.
All Guys Dey

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