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Yankius on Senator Omo-Agege ‘s Recent Storm

Jovo Yurip: Yankius, which ones now? Why you no tell me say Senator Ovie Omo-Agege na Pyrate? You bad O!

Yankius: Jovo, look my eye well. Omo-Agege no be Pyrate at all at all. Wetin make you think so to the point say you come my place this hot afternoon come dey accuse me anyhowly?

Jovo Yurip: You never hear? Senator Omo-Agege storm senate chamber for national assembly this afternoon through back-door with 15 men, come carry mace from Ekweremadu hand. Small thing remain Omo-Agege wan head Ekweremadu fall but chance no dey. The guy na real Wafi guy.

Yankius: Wow! It is wa O! What if Ekweremadu head back? Omo-Agege pass that level now! This na the kind thing when I no like to hear. Naim be the only voice of Urhobo people for National Assembly. Now them go increase him suspension back to the full six months. Ah! Then go don arrest am…

Jovo Yurip: Since. Him go sleep well for cell tonight.

Yankius: What a big shame. Him for take am easy now. I no understand the jaguda levels when him come use koro koro feature. Abi them use ufovwo on am?

Jovo Yurip: The guy embalm himself well and na rugged Pyrate. E fit die for him principles and him interests. No be wenkune guy at all. I like Omo-Agege die. E don reach time bust bottle politics go dey happen for that yeye national assembly.

Yankius: Wetin make you dey repeat this Pyrate thing about Omo-Agege now? Them send you come?

Jovo Yurip: Why did he “storm” the Senate chamber with “15 Men” if no be Pyrate? Tell me now?

Yankius: (laughing) Come on, act your age. Storm na regular word when journalists dey use report when many people enter public place at once and 15 men no be Pyrate thing. Na song naim them mention 15 men.

Jovo Yurip: Your logic no go work today O! Na 15 them dey take organise siege for Pyrate. You no know wetin siege mean. I know Pyrate story well well. If you like kill me, Omo-Agege na Pyrate. Period. What did I say? Period.

Yankius: Wetin come concern me if Omo-Agege be Pyrate self?

Jovo Yurip: Na true sha that your root still dey?

Yankius: If you no get who to work with tonight no drink the root O! If not priapism naim go take you do yeye all night unless you fit go hospital.

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