Discussions are a series of readings, debates and reflections amongst members that are geared towards informal research outputs regarding a myriad of topics of interest with a primary focus on evolving institutions and  institutional paradigms.


1. The Green Institutions Discussions – Summer 2009 – Summer 2010

Summary: A focus on sustainable development with a close examination of nature and enforcement of green institutions in society in comparison to that of political and economic ones they are instituted to influence.


1. The Ethiope Governance Discussions – Autumn -2008 – Autumn 2011

Summary: A focus on corruption and governance with in the  society with examinations of the actual nature and dynamics of social interactions and societal pressures that directly or indirectly shape the formal governance modes in society.

2. The Economic Migration Discussions – Autumn 2010 – Summer 2011

Summary: A focus on economic migration of workers and business people  between poor and rich nations with special emphasis on understanding the cycles of immigration particularly that of the highly-skilled migrant.

3. The Economy of the Female Discussions – Summer 2010 – Summer 2011

Summary: A focus on the plight of the female of working age in a developing economy with special emphasis on the conditions of work and opportunities of income for the semi-skilled to the highly skilled in urban areas.

4. Corruption, Institutions and Actors – Spring 2011 – Autumn 2011

Summary: A focus on the actual formulations and capacities of  institutions and the realities versus expectations of them in reducing or eliminating corruption in society, especially where it is prevalent.

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