Wole Soyinka and Military Forgiveness? II


I must confess I have been keenly waiting for the next Wole Soyinka “moment” no matter how long it would take and it has arrived much earlier than expected under terms that most would not have easily imagined. No one said “the man” was not a genuine enigma. Soyinka has clearly stated that he will not vote for President Goodluck Jonathan (of the People’s Democratic Party) in the 2015 elections just around the corner and advocates that no right thinking Nigerian should vote the incumbent in for another term. Continue reading

Nigeria: Leaky Presidential Conversations & Leaky Security

buhari jonathan pic

Photo: Courtesy vanguardngr.com

It is felbenious that the details and recording of President Goodluck Jonathan’s congratulatory and concession phone call to Muhammadu Buhari is easily accessible in the public domain. It is a sheer breach of national security for such a thing to happen no matter the source of the leak. Continue reading

Orubebe is Not Mad!

If one wants to explain why former Minister of the Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe, of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) behave the way he did at the National Collation Centre where the elections results for the 2015 Presidential and National Assembly elections quartered, it is easy to compare Orubebe’s actions to those of Matthew Harrison Brady at the end of the film Inherit the Wind. Brady in the film gave a hysterical even insane outburst having lost a classic case Darwinism versus the Bible, he being on the side of God. Orubebe was fiery, indignant, overbearing, desperate, vehement or disruptive but he was not insane. Continue reading

Nigeria’s “Tale of Two Election Day Silences”

There was considerable peace and “silence” during the 2015 Nigerian general elections yesterday. It was good news that apart from the “I am above the law” behaviour of some senior politicians there might have been no incidences of chaos or violence at all. The inefficiencies of (Independent National Electoral Commission) INEC would have usually caused alarm but Nigerians demonstrated they can be patient, tolerant, well-behaved and disciplined in the face of delays, procrastination and uncertainty like any other nationals. Really! Nigerians silent when they would usually vex and “rake”? Continue reading

Looking Beyond the 2015 Elections: An Interview with Dr C Amayo

An interview with Dr C Amayo of Ethiope Foundation by the academic Shantelle George of SOAS, University of London. Location: SOAS on the 26th March 2015.

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