Are Fraternities in Nigeria Cults?

Are Fraternities in Nigeria Cults? Try a Validated Checklist.

It is almost a rule that, as a member of the public, you will encounter UCGFs (University Campus Grown Fraternities). And their members will deny that they are cults or cult members, respectively, on any personal or media platform available to them. One would think that such is a practice of mere or strong ‘cult denialism.’ Because of the negative image it conjures in the minds of members of the public? Wrong. (more…)

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No Friend No Foe

No Friend No Foe

Agnotologics, ponerologics, repression, oppression, absurdity, deception and toxic entitlement all rolled into one is the mark of decadence, filth and wickedness in practice but in the name of ‘fighting the ills of society’ and being a born-again ‘service organisation’. That is distinguishing, yet the persuasive lie of the university grown campus fraternity (UCGF). Fortunately, No Friend No Foe is self-explanatory.


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