Benzene kills: An Interview with Dr Cal Amayo of Ethiope Foundation

An introduction and interview with Dr Amayo of the Ethiope Foundation by journalist and educator Shanta Sultana at London South Bank University on the 13th of August 2012.

Looking Beyond the 2015 Elections: An Interview with Dr C Amayo

An interview with Dr C Amayo of Ethiope Foundation by the academic Shantelle George of SOAS, University of London. Location: SOAS on the 26th March 2015.

Healthy Politics or the Politics of Health: Nigerians Choose

An interesting time for the Niger Delta and rural areas is fast approaching. One may ask, how can the Niger Delta devastated by oil pollution, unsustainable practices, poor corporate social responsibility and misgovernance without any serious history of remedy be awaiting interesting times? The answer is simple. A major political event is soon to occur, the 2015 general elections in Nigeria. Continue reading

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