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Fire!!! Fire!! I have to say it again, Fire!!! When two or more Otukas are gathered, a fire is nearby ready to consume habitually bad men mercilessly. No ashes remain and the fire is too hot to scream in. Keg of rum and seas of brine cannot quench it. The fire though is always a potentiality and it is only the purity of the human spirit the Otuka encases that turns him away from such an eschatology of the wicked. Inevitably, sometimes it has to done. Plenty of indications nto announcement required.


The Otuka (a.k.a. Akan da Eniyan) is born into this world very lonely, living on his own terms, mostly, he misunderstands everyone else, he is misunderstood by everyone else. For those he encounters everyone else is his challenge and he is everyone else’s challenge. Trouble? His life is never easy even if gifted, successful, powerful or content and is harder when this is not the case. He, as the intersection of misunderstanding cannot find a like mind as others naturally e.g. like thieves and drunkards. What frustration, yet he thrives.


Boiss dey! Boiss always do right where the Bad Brother has done evil and they invariably succeed in the end. The tables have now turned for the better and the seating arrangements have changed for good as they should have a very long time ago. Not until the revolution is complete do guynes believe it. (more…)

In FAVIN (Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria) Part 5 (see: the issue articulated was the presence of Cheaters, Grudgers and Suckers in the membership constitution of UCGFs (University Campus Grown Fraternities) based on the understanding of Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene. From keener observation, that there is another prevalent category of character within UCGFs that has a more insidious character and may be more of a threat to unsuspecting members of the fraternity and society than the dreaded Cheater. (more…)


Everyday people in this everyday world of ours bear witness to everyday evil and wickedness every single day, directly or indirectly. To be consistently and confidently nefarious, one has to have some sort of power and loads of impunity to float it. Spectacular evil in the name of power is something we see on television carried out by large organisations and many rich countries of the world with empire in question. Or it is exacted by extremists. How about the non-spectacular evils of the powerful that affect us insidiously every day? The fourth installment of The Leadership of a Bad Brother is emphatic further witness; (more…)