Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria: Part 5 – Selfish Genes

Jolly Roger
If you have read “Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria” parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 you will not need any introduction to the hypocrisy and psychopathy of UCGFs (University Campus Grown Fraternities). UCGFs are simply organisations that trumpet the ‘mantra of altruism and selflessness’ to society and their unwitting members. In reality, they are driven by creating ‘selfish social genes’ [as Richard Dawkins would describe them]and breeding cadres of Suckers, Cheaters and Grudgers.
The irony is UCGFs were primarily set-up to fight against “Cheaters” the tricks, manipulations and evils in society (by self-appointment) on behalf of the “Suckers” in society by being the “Grudgers” in society! Today Grudgers have the invariable status of ‘persona non grata’ within UCGFs. Not only have UCGFs been monumental failures in their pursuit and attainment of their respective causes, e.g. a fostering a “just society”, but many of their members also deserve to be in the slammer!

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When My People Personalise the Truth

Truth pic

Turning and turning in the widening gyre;
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. – WB Yeats
I always felt William Yeats and Chinua Achebe were talking about the desecration of the truth by humankind and its consequences in the writing and interpretation, respectively, of this opening of the poem Second Coming. I also think I know why Achebe adopted it. He had a message for his people – ” society is just as good as its collective approach to objective truth.”

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