Urhobo Blow (UB): A True Martial Art and Sport?

Urhobo Blow (UB), Ubi ejeh [service of punches] or Ohonre r’ubi [battle of punches], is a traditional martial art developed by the Urhobos for military action, but in recent times, it became a contest of strength by young males at annual or seasonal festivals. UB has its similarities with mainstream boxing, but the differences are steep. Many ethnic groups in Africa have their own boxing and wrestling arts. Still, the distinct feature of UB is that fighters place their knock-out punch hand on their backs just above the buttocks during fights. UB is over the years is becoming extinct due to lack of interest and exposure, but may make a big comeback as a mixed martial art of international status. UB was once a source of great community pride and made heroes. So, what makes UB worthy of attention? Continue reading