Oppression as a Test: Some Questions

Knowing that one is living with oppression is a blessing whenever it decides to come, not knowing is a curse that will forever leave one much worse off. – Guynes
Before attempting to answer a few interesting questions arising from readers of the article Oppression as a Test: A Metaphor for the Nigerian Youth (https://wp.me/p1bOKH-P5), it is important to explain a simple taxonomy of oppression.
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#FreeEse: A Tragedy or Hot Air?

pedophile victim

It will be interesting to hear what pundits have to say about the “sexual relationship” between the adult male, Yinusa, and Ese Oruru a 13-year-old girl said to have been abducted by the former since 2012. There is much talk about endemic injustice, an ineffectual police force and legal system, unconcerned politicians and unscrupulous predatory males within the borders of Nigeria. What is not being said is that poverty has reduced females in Nigeria even seriously underaged ones into “purchasable” sex objects either as goods or services. Ese’s case was just a solitary cause celebre case out of millions of abused underaged girls in the country. Continue reading

“Women’s Rights” as Theme of African Union Summit: Really?


The leaders of the Africa Union when in congress to discuss the problems of the continent, the outcomes are predictable. The stuff put on the table for discussion is often “impossible to achieve but good for utterance only”. These discussions are regularly superficial rhetoric, used to give respectability and fame to those self-appointed African champions who promote them. There will be no concrete and effective instrumental or institutional changes implemented to offer the solutions to the problems at hand. The problems thus persist without foreign intervention. The 26th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Union, with the theme “Women’s Rights in Africa”, is no different.

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Corrupt Manhood: Another Way Nigeria’s Wealth is Squandered

Nigeria Currency


It is amazing how much Nigeria’s corrupt officials and their clients spend on sex and women. Girls, ladies and new wives who are fortunate enough to be “attached” to corrupt officials and their clients are showered with luxury cars, foreign holiday trips, cushy rented apartments, new-build homes, land acquisition, school fees, obscenely generous stipends, and so forth and so on. This may appear a “normal” action of the rich and affluent until one starts to calculate the amount of Nigeria’s stolen wealth that is spent on sex and illicit sexual relations.

Research nearing conclusion robustly estimates the amount of Nigeria’s stolen wealth spent on sex and related matters at between 5 -10% (i.e. N50 million – 100 million per N1 billion) for the big level thieves; 8-15% (N80 million – 150 million per N1billion) for moderate level thieves; and 11-50% (N110 million – 500 million per N 1 billion) for modest level thieves. (These amounts largely exclude the costs of hotels, travel, communications, abortions, children bearing / upbringing, treating STDs etc.). Big thieves number around 2 thousand, moderate thieves around 20 – 40 thousand and modest thieves around 200 – 400 thousand. Petty thieves do not count. As the size of the theft increases less is spent proportionally on ‘sexualitze’. Continue reading

The Logic of One

Two Men Drinking

Whenever Fifties and Rong met up it always turned out to be a promising event for ethanol use. Bottles of whiskey evaporated without a trace but bottles of beer were traceable to the sewers found in any town they met up, courtesy, their using. However, both guys appeared to be in denial of the edification they got out of drinking together. They never met up for trivial or leisure purposes but ended up using ethanol most creatively using the ‘logic of one’ in a self-deceiving way.

The ‘logic of one’ had started at their very first drinking meeting five years ago in St Albans. Rong had suggested they go and have ‘one’ drink each, ‘one-one’. It was one can Heineken export (0.5 litres) each, a lovely drink that evening. As the evening rolled on, both men started looking for ways to defy the rule of ‘one-one’. The square and cube of one did not work since the result was, one. Continue reading

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