The Confessions of A Post-Impotent Guy
Courtesy Marina Lenova

The Confessions of A Post-Impotent Guy

The Confessions of A Post-Impotent Guy

A stirring confession of a man’s anguish and recovery from the problem of male impotence just before he turned age forty using African herbs.

Frustration, hopelessness, sadness and non-existent self-esteem overcame the guy [who confessed]. The problem he had was quite unusual, or perhaps very usual, but it deflated him. Nevertheless, he learned overnight to his shock and maybe exacerbated by diabetes he was impotent, yes impotent. It crushed him. Moreover, he felt he was no longer a real man. A few women who had fancied him gave him up when he failed them with weak, intimate performances. Even though, his stature, muscles, looks and height, at face value, suggested he the strength and capacity render gonad-watering performances.

The guy with much shyness sought help from the doctors. They offered him Viagra tablets, Alprostadil pellets, therapy, and a vacuum pump, all to get it up. The minimal and temporary successes of the medical prescriptions given to the guy created little hope for recovery. Hence, tears. The days of sexual activity were over for him at just age thirty-nine. Oh no!

By chance or good fortune, he walked into a shop selling exotic African foodstuff and provisions. He noticed some plastic bottles on a shelf containing dried plant roots. They had casual handwritten labels, Mokole. Now curious, he inquired about the product. The male shopkeeper encouraged him to try it with a persuasive lecture on Mokole and its popularity with male customers. As a mater of fact, he needed no persuasion.

The product rids of excess the body sugar and cleanses the lower alimentary canal. Furthermore, traditional herbalists implicate both conditions as leading causes of impotence. Perhaps, the guy bought the Mokole since he had nothing to lose by using the product. Mokole had three constituents; Agbo Jedi Jedi for piles, Agbo Opayin for backache and Agbo Apagun for artillery. Sounds good?

Afterward, an Internet search revealed that the use of roots was widespread in Lagos, Nigeria, and did what the shopkeeper promised. A researcher even wrote about it in a peer-reviewed medical journal, which was reassuring. The instructions were easy to follow; pour gin into the roots in the plastic or glass bottle and wait three days for it to self-brew. Then guy the took two double shots every morning on an empty stomach for five days. Alcohol starts the day.

To test its efficacy, he went back to an old flame. A bickering reunion. Unexpectedly, the results were at worst volcanic! I reserve the right to avoid being more graphic. His athletic potency was alive, and better. Gbogborogbo! In fact, for the guy, it was one small victory of African traditional medicine over Western medicine. Convinced African herbs work, the guy is now looking for smart roots that will improve his intelligence. Nonetheless, it is doubtful if he would find it on the market or anywhere else. But you never know with these things.

The Confessions of A Post-Impotent Guy gives hope not despair. Consequently, never stop.

Grimot Nane



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