A Death In A Dream


I had a dream last night that I had died while dreaming. Then nothingness, Okuku [total blankness]. It was all over, no points of return available or imaginable. However, when I woke up this morning and found that I was still alive, fresh and sexy [Gbogborogbo!], I almost fell unconscious with the shock of surprise. The unconsciousness that one recovers from I have experienced endlessly, and it can be pleasant but not the one who felt permanent as in my dream. Sleep, inebriation, general anaesthesia and over-high fevers, I have all woken up from, but it seemed impossible for me to do so in this dream. I have never been knocked out in all my many fights, though I am no longer a youth.

Maybe my awakening is the harvest from many years ago of reciting Psalm 3 all the time in which verse 5 states “I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me.” Never underestimate the “Words” chanted continuously within the collective unconscious of humankind, their octaves might have something inexorable in them. It seemed the Lord had let me die in the dream as a discursive experience, but He kept me alive in life.
Taking stock of my experience has indicated more time for sexual activity, new works, good food, strong drink, funny friends, great books, exciting travels, amusing conversation, making babies, serene relaxation, satisfying music, cooking delicacies, visiting new places, writing petitions, crafting pieces, singing songs, attaining inner peace and more. Akpovwerenor! Excellent is the life enjoyed for the tongue that has tasted death without being consumed by it; it wants to live an enjoyable life as if forever. After death, it is finished in ways we concretely know it is and there is no hindsight to it.
I am usually rational, occasionally tediously so because of how impersonal I can run my conversations or do my things. Right now, at worst, I am non-rational. Perhaps, I seek no reliable conclusions but entertain no fallacies either. Some things are easy to understand but very difficult to explain, and this is one of them. It might be easier to thoroughly appreciate my story when you become dead or comatose in your dreams or have a near-death experience in this life. Please do not look forward to the experience; fears and fixations on mortality can be habit-forming I heard, and can somehow bring you closer to the real thing. Alternatively, you can read Psalms for knowledge, fun, curiosity, experimentation, box-ticking, daring, hope or even piety. Enjoy, them most appropriately!


Grimot Nane

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