Black Spots and Human Rights


No punishment has ever possessed enough power of deterrence to prevent the commission of crimes. On the contrary, whatever the punishment, once a specific crime has appeared for the First Time, its reappearance is more likely than its initial emergence could ever have been – Hannah Arendt
When punishment becomes too common or an overused resort, it indicates a poorly governed organisation or institution that can do no better than wield a stick to cover up the open corruption of its leadership and its day to day affairs. The more the rotten the organisation, the more the punishment meted out to its members. Punishment thus becomes the best way the organisation or institution secures impunity from its very own corruption and decadence. Some organisation uses Black spots as its primary method of discipline and punishment within while simultaneously claiming to be “defenders of human rights” without.

Black spots, when pronounced render a man (a free citizen) without full human rights and even the rights he has are alienable. He is an ostracised man forced to contend with indecision, uncertainty, confusion, overwhelming anger, and also clinical depression, well in most cases. It is his response to his punishment. Do I return to the brethren or not (considering the exorbitant ‘fee of return’), should I be committed to the brethren when I return (considering the experienced humiliation), can I trust my brethren (considering the many unexpected knives in my back)? These are the painful and mind-numbing dilemmas of countless tiorques (recipients of the injustice of blackspots). Despair is never too far away, either. The cry “I am at a crossroads” is familiar. This misery brought on by wanton and vindictive high-handedness has to be experienced to know it. On return to the fold, conformity or cunning conformity of the formerly spotted is assured. If you cannot wound or resist the brethren, you must embrace your injuries and lick your wounds, peacefully, O yes, peacefully. Alcohol and song will do the rest, hopefully, who cares? The healing from a Black spot is not supposed to be complete, how else will the brethren be stably controlled? Break the man! The Blackspot was even hailed in the past as the equivalent of a death sentence.
Ultraviolet Spots are another kettle of fish altogether—unique with unintended consequences, perhaps a miscalculation. Not only do UVes confer full human rights on the possessor of the spot, but his rights are also utterly unalienable. Tamper with the rights and freedoms of the UV’ed, and you will not like his sometimes unrelentingly exercise of them. Jiaorf! UVes are a testament to the fact that indecision, uncertainty, confusion, overwhelming anger and even clinical depression have been inflicted on the leadership of the brethren. If they had a choice, they would not issue UVes. Nevertheless, the UV’ed is unencumbered by the certainty of “no return” that is assured by the Man Who Claimed He Does Not Die and further eliminates the tortures of the possibility of being rehabilitated only after going through endless heavily imposed self-humiliations. Rest of Mind! Rest of Mind! 
Rehabilitation is supposed to restore not dehumanise as it consistently and purposefully is used within the brethren. If I must choose between conforming to authoritarian expectations and freedom, I will choose freedom, without reflection. What would you choose? Don’t be afraid to tell yourself the truth when it is so apparent. Those perpetually habituated to authoritarianism or have never tasted real freedom will not understand, perhaps, ever. Time will tell.
“Think you’re in heaven, but you living in hell, Think you’re in heaven, but you living in hell, Time alone, oh! time will tell” I now know why these lyrics are the most misunderstand or underappreciated by Bob Marley (Time Will Tell).
Grimot Nane

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