The Bad Brother’s Nemesis: 2

Fire!!! Fire!! I have to repeat it, Fire!!! When two or more Otukas gather, a fire is nearby ready to consume habitually bad men mercilessly. No ashes remain, and the Fire is too hot to scream in. Kegs of rum and seas of brine cannot quench it. The Fire though is always a potentiality, and it is only the purity of the human spirit. The Otuka encases that which turns him away from such an eschatology of the wicked. Inevitably, sometimes it has to be done. Plenty of indications, no announcement required.
May one resort to God’s word in this endeavour? For those who read the Bible or never will, I want to interest them in the “Book of Kings” 1: v 9-10;

“Then he [the Leader for Life] sent to Elijah, a captain [capo, capoon, kapitan] with his company [deck] of fifty [fifteen?] men. The captain went up to Elijah, who was sitting on the top of a hill, and said to him, Man of God, the king says, “Come down!” Elijah answered the captain, “[Die it, eternally!!!]. If I am a man of God [bearer of the human spirit], may Fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty [fifteen?] men!” Then Fire fell from heaven and consumed the captain and his men.”
The Fire being scribbled about though is neither less efficient nor less devastating and is not launched downwards from heaven and not called forth by a holy man; it is drawn to the desired points of retribution by the Otuka. There is also the story of a persecuted man and his ally who conjures up a volcano from the ground to consume their 1,500 [multiples of fifteen] rugged pursuers. However, one example alone provides the necessary clarity needed. Plenty of lessons only benefit the wise.
Sunshine is Fire, transparency is Fire, technology is Fire. Just as the rising sun chases away/exposes the evils of nighttime/darkness, so transparency does to corruption/cover-ups, and technology does to the hitherto inaccessible domains. These are the “fires” that the Otuka has at hand. Show me an evil man who has done much iniquity in private away from the public eye that embraces or can withstand such fires. And I will show you a man who will instead resort to murder, poisoning, magic, ostracism and other vices to extinguish the Otuka or any other bearer of such fires. However, the Otuka survives to do what is necessary and only after may he die, when the appointed time comes. Those who wish such a death soon wait very long, much more time than they had to correct their several evils properly. Plenty of time is sometimes not enough.
The terrifying book in the Bible is the “Revelations”. It tells the story of the “end times” of this world as we know it. Have you ever witnessed the ‘end times’ of corrupt corporations, social organisations or political ones? Depending on the scale of evil and size/reach of the entity, they all have there owned proportional versions of the “Four Horsemen” that visit them that may not resemble those in Revelations. Do not be surprised that the Otukas may be one or more of the horsemen or perhaps the groomers of the horses. The end times thus have started in land-locking style, and there is no escaping it by sea (or even by air). Plenty of opportunities for attrition squandered.
As the Fire rages, all those who witnessed it will say “Yes, I said it!!!”. Or “So upon all the grand-standing!!!” or “Eh eh!!!” Plenty of realisations to share.
My people say it is not too good to hear, see or say mind-bending things on an empty stomach early in the morning. It’s time for the belly to be jolly.
Kirin Kponkpon

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