This page presents some musings have written as a collection of brief thoughts, experiences and expressions;

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The Tooth of a Toad [Ako re’Oghwokpo] –

Is My Name Okolo Too? –

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Oppression as a Test: A metaphor for the Nigerian Youth –

I Will Not Mourn for Ayo Odebisi (Paramole) –

When My People Personalise the Truth –

Strange Combinations and Dietary Shockers: A Case of ‘Stella and Bread’ –

A Jazz Great I Met: Clifford Jarvis –

The Confessions of A Post-Impotent Guy –

A Literary Metaphor for Ending Corruption in Nigeria –

Rancour: An Ode to A Lost Oppressor –

Spiritual Infections, Physical Cures –

Good for the People, Good for Everybody –