Corrupt Manhood: Bleeding Nigeria

Corrupt Manhood: Bleeding Nigeria

It is amazing how much Nigeria’s corrupt officials and their clients spend on sex and women. Girls, ladies and new wives who are fortunate enough to be “attached” to corrupt officials are fortunate. The thieves shower their clients, With what? Luxury cars, foreign holiday trips. And cushy rented apartments, new-build homes, land acquisition, school fees, obscene generous stipends, and so forth and so on.

Such may appear a “normal” action of the rich. Well, until one calculates the amount of Nigeria’s stolen wealth that is spent on sex and illicit sexual relations.

Research nearing conclusion is robust in its estimates of the amount of Nigeria’s stolen wealth spent on sex and related matters. Between 5 to 10% (i.e. N50 million to 100 million per N1 billion) for the big level thieves. Then 8 to 15% (N80 million to150 million per N1billion) for moderate level thieves; And 11 to 50% (N110 million to 500 million per N 1 billion) for modest level thieves. (These amounts exclude the costs of hotels, travel, communications, abortions, children bearing / upbringing, treating STDs, etc.). What a way to squander Nigeria’s vast wealth!

Big thieves number around 2,000 moderate thieves around 20 to 40 thousand and modest thieves around 200 to 400 thousand. Petty thieves do not count. As the size of the proceeds of theft increase, the crooks spend less spent in proportion on ‘sexualitze’.

When your roads become derelict. Or constant electricity becomes a distant dream. And workers do not get paid for months on end. Or your public services are decrepit. If we could by some magic recall stolen public funds, many penises and vaginas would vomit vast fortunes in cash. These words are nowhere near as vulgar as theft that underdevelops and decivilises Nigeria.

Thus, we can see how much of Nigeria’s stolen wealth rogues spend or waste without caution on illicit sex and related matters. The figures become even more significant when we consider that over 80% of stolen sums of money the big and moderate class of thieves steal they keep overseas. Of the monies kept in Nigeria, between a third and half of it all seems to be spent on sexualitze.

The “Corrupt Manhoodis one that belongs to a man who engages in and enjoys proceeds from corruption which he spends without indiscrimination on multiple [female] sexual partners”.

My observations in Nigeria are robust in that they reveal that the moment a politician or public official comes into power, thus money. His first or second new lines of action are ‘womanising’.

Accordingly, sex and womanising becomes not only a major ‘sink’ for the proceeds of corruption. It has evolved into an overriding motivation for engaging in acts of corruption. That is to say, the quest for beautiful and young women induces many a man to engage in corruption, without ceasing. And the squander continues without check. Wow! Who says corruption does not lead to vast waste and the consequent nation-crumbling?

There is a saying (from somewhere in Nigeria) that goes, “a man with great wealth never has impotence”. A good friend of mine adds “when money cometh [by parvenu] to a man forbiddeth himself the use aphrodisiacs [root] for the money maketh his erections perfect”. Gbogborogbo!

Whether such sayings or statements are provable by science, I do not know. It is near impossible to get corrupt wealthy to engage in research experiments to test their libido or virility at the time of their “success”.

Nevertheless, it is observable that so many affluent men in Nigeria are typical ‘polygamous’ and ‘prolific’, fathering countless children. Poorer men, the vast majority, fear the cost of dating women and have to rely on inexpensive aphrodisiacs for sexual activity.

Several people regard money and the making of it in various cultures as “machismo”. Toughness, ruthlessness, acumen, go-getting, cold decisiveness, sheer tough industry, risk-taking, etc. They perceive a traditional association with machismo. Interestingly, when you make lots of money, you become machismo. Even if you are  cowards by nature and  engage in shameful acts such as robbing your own  treasury. Or sharing public funds intended to solve nation-breaking problems. Asa matter of fact, wimps become supermen. The appearance of money does the transformation.

People ascribe all the qualities of machismo to the man who made so much money. Confidence, self-assurance and entitlement become the visible cloak of the man of means. Further more the usual test of the efficacy of the cloak is savagery to his best friends, Well. ex-fiends who are not so fortunate to spend the ill-gotten wealth on dispensable/indispensable women.

Moreover, we must not forget the fact that corruption in Nigeria and elsewhere is a keen patriarchal activity males dominate. But, there are a few women in power guilty of corruption either in their own rights or because of the prompting of males. ‘If cannot beat them, you join them’ applies. And this gig and the sex that comes with it, works well for men even though there are some cases of “Corrupt womanhood.

In brief, anytime you hear about Nigeria’s stolen billions, ponder, It would not be a mere or wasteful diversion. You can reflect on how thieves spend national wealth on illicit sexual enjoyment. Or perhaps hedonistic waste in general.

Corrupt Manhood and squander it breeds is more of a problem than we think.

Grimot Nane

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