Subsea Retreat for Captain Blood

Subsea Retreat for Captain Blood

Lapotidunity is the best thing goscolene, my favourite spirit, can do for anyone. Therefore, I avoid downing any more than two shots with joy and not sorrow. How can I not celebrate life despite living a life more tempestuous than El Niño?  Drinking or rumming, it’s all the same thing depending on whom you are doing it with.

Nevertheless, today though, I am drinking alone, and I call it rumming. I do it every Friday evening in the best place for it ever, Davy Jones Locker. I am here waiting for yet another return of Paramole in a few days’ time. It’s his birthday soon. (more…)

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Nigeria – A Society of Extremes
A victim of social extremes in society.

Nigeria – A Society of Extremes

Nigeria – A Society of Extremes

Nigeria is living proof that in the absence of enforceable institutions and the rule of law, extreme social behaviour becomes permissible and commonplace especially impunity bought through the rule of money.


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NsiNsibidi: Pre-Colonial Education in Nigeriabidi: Education in Nigeria Before Colonisation
Courtesy Arinze,

Nsibidi: Pre-Colonial Education in Nigeria

Nsibidi: Pre-Colonial Education in Nigeria

It is the simplest thing in the world to assume Sub-Saharan Africans were illiterate and uncivilised before the coming of the White man. Such is well-embraced by the African, more so, those with good education. Empire Day celebrated throughout the Commonwealth colonies reminded Nigerians that the King or Queen of England liberated them from bondage. The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, one of the best-loved works of Western literature, describes the African as a savage and languageless, communicating with grunts like apes. (more…)

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Illiterates Did Not Win Buhari Elections

Illiterates Did Not Win Buhari Elections

Why should ignorance and illiteracy always take the blame for the failings of the weak democracy in Nigeria? It takes some extremism or disturbing denial to ignore or even use derisory evidence and poor logics to affirm President Muhammadu Buhari’s government since 2015 is competent or successful. Obstinacy and benefit-seeking are culprits.

Under Buhari’s watch, Nigeria takes a steep dive in the economic, political and social arenas of the country. The economy is in tatters with no recovery in sight. Security and safety are hopeless enough to be the responsibility of God. The tribal rivalries are making the country more unstable than before the civil war. And the future of Nigeria uncertain than ever. Buhari’s ascendancy to power was not the outcome of an illiterate population. It took the scheming of the best educated and most enlightened Nigerians to achieve that feat. (more…)

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Yankius: Arsenal F.C. & Fainting Thief

Yankius on Arsenal F.C. and the Fainting Thief

Riverine Remedy: Yankius, you self, you cannot even ask after me if I don’t call you. Na so your friendship be?

Yankius: O mi Riverine Remedy, have you not heard of 5G and its cover-up story? If not for that, to call you from time to is not hard now.

Riverine Remedy: (Laughing loud and cynically) So, you still believe in that 5G – COVID-19 junk? You are more than that and you know it.

Yankius: If you do not agree with my beliefs it does not give you the privilege to insult me.

Riverine Remedy: Yankius, have you heard the Acting Managing Director of NIger Delta Development Commission fainted while being interrogated for grand corruption by Representatives in the National Assembly? Nigeria’s Big Thieves are growing in numbers geometrically. (more…)

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Morak Oguntade and the Art of Expression

Morak Oguntade and the Art of Everyday Expression

After reading Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco a few years back, the unusual happened. I developed a keen yearning to rediscover a dormant space in my mind for the appreciation of illustrated stories and cartoons. I remembered the political cartoons of Josey Ajiboye and Omoba (Dotun Gboyega) and the entertainment illustrations of Morak Oguntade and some others. The illustrations of these men were as political and useful as the illustrations of Joe Sacco, hence the yearnings. Josey Ajiboye was a pioneer and grandmaster in the print media industry. The depth and influence of the work of these illustrators are incalculable, as viewable in The Role of Editorial Cartoons in the Democratisation Process in Nigeria by Ganiyu Jimoh. (more…)

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