About the Author

About the Author

Grimot Nane is a political economist and author based in the United Kingdom and the editor of Grimot Nane Zine. His main field of expertise is the institutional political economy of development while his specialist areas are corruption and institutions, energy and research methodology. Grimot has a background in energy engineering and has worked extensively as an energy management and policy professional in the electric power sector, particularly the performance of energy institutions, both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. Grimot is a former Lecturer and Fellow of the Weeks Centre at London South Bank University and a Visiting Lecturer at the Green Economics Institute. He holds a PhD in the political economy of development. Writing short stories and musings are his major indoor  hobbies. 

Otherwise, Grimot enjoys jazz music, boats, travelling and nature. He engages when he can in political activism with a focus on misgovernance, corrupt practices, government negligence. For many years he was a public speaker popular at seminar and conference circuits. Grimot has also made a number expert appearances on mainstream television. He may return to public speaking in future.

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  1. Steve Ayo Amale
    Steve Ayo Amale

    Hi Grimot…long time. This is Ayo…Akano’s Cousin…I can be reached on +233(0)244 541652. I live and work in Ghana. Lost your contact. Let me have your contact tel no as well

  2. Anonymous

    The author has been quite on his usual outlets such as Facebook. Was he threatened and told to be silent or discover his roots through an old acquaintance? Time will tell

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