Yankius: Papiration & Bad Politicians

Yankius: Papiration & Bad Politicians; more guys gossip…

The Man, Yankius on Papire and 2023 Elections’ Presidential Contenders

Yankius: O Saint Bobo! May papire be blessed! Papire come make you forget me for decades, eh? How in the world have you been?

Saint Bobo: You no dey forget something? Is papire all you remember about me?

Yankius: No. Sexual activity, professional gisting and Guinness small stout.

Saint Bobo: Whatever! Meanwhile, it’s great to see you.

Yankius: What brings you back to Nigeria?

Saint Bobo: Okowa, our governor, invited me to come to work with him for the 2023 elections.

Yankius: How did you link up so close with a sitting governor and now presidential running mate?

Saint Bobo: Engaging papire, with sense and direction.

Yankius: Get away! How can becraping papire with skills link you with presidential aspirants.

Saint Bobo: I thought you knew. All the top contenders engage papire habitually. Without papire you cannot acquire the capability to misrule Nigeria the way it has been done since. Nigerian governance is set in isomers of papire, it’s a Federal Papirate.

Yankius: Go and sit down! Papire is not a structure?

Saint Bobo: Yeeesss, it is! Look here! Atiku and Tinubu are babas in papiration. Without it they cannot function or seek the presidency.

Yankius: Do you have proof?

Saint Bobo: Yes, concrete proof but if I share it with you, you will publish it. I know you. My time has come. I do not want anyone to put sand in my garri.

Yankius: Continue.

Saint Bobo: Look at Atiku’s eyes. Like a predator ready to pounce, always. That is papire in evidence. That is how Atiku does his things – papirate, aim and strike (PAS).

Yankius: Na wa O! this your gist tingbeic O.

Saint Bobo: Tinubu’s eyes. Always droopy. That is also papire working. When people feel unthreatened by him because of his droopy eyes, he uses – papirate, delay and devastate (PDD) – to outsmart both his friends and enemies. As you are saying “Will he, will he?” he conquers you with ease. He cannot do this without papire.

Yankius: Okay, what about Peter Obi?

Saint Bobo: No. Look at his eyes, they are normal. He does everything with clear eyes but to run Nigeria you must papirate. Well, unless the PVC cast votes are properly counted and reported.

Yankius: So, you are serious that the leadership of Nigeria has a “Papire-Defined Mentality.”

Saint Bobo: Yes O! Now you are talking. Of all Nigerian leaders, only Tafawa Balewa, Murtala and Shagari never indulged in papiration. See what happened to them. Nigeria break bone because of the papire-fuelled vison its leaders have.

Yankius: Your man Okowa dey papirate too?

Saint Bobo: Eeeeeee! Okowa engages papire the same way Tinubu does, PDD with variation – but much less effectively. Otherwise, Governor Wike is top papirator PDP but over-papiration make him mufugbenous.

Yankius: Is Yemi Osinbajo a papirator too?

Saint Bobo: No, he isn’t. Don’t you see how irrelevant Osinbajo became in Buhari’s presidency despite his fine skills? If he was a papirator, he would’ve dominated Buhari like Tunde Idiagbon did and be presidential candidate for APC in 2023. When Atiku was vice-president, he no send OBJ, even though OBJ is a don in papiration.

Yankius: Interesting. Very interesting. That bag when you carry for there, campaign money dey inside?

Saint Bobo: You trust now.

Yankius: Give me my own before e finish.

Saint Bobo: Take $1000.

(Saint Bobo offers Yankius a $1000 bundle).

Yankius: Make am $3000, $1000 to support Atiku and Okowa and $1000 each to ever reject Tinubu and Peter Obi.

Saint Bobo: Okay take.

(Saint Bobo gives Yankius two more $1000 bundles).

Yankius: Thanks so much. Wow!

Saint Bobo: Well, I came here to buy your mouth. I have now bought it, do not make any comments on the 2023 elections.

Yankius: In that case make it $10,000.

Saint Bobo: Ole!!! (Yet he hands over eleven $1000 bundles to Yankius in total).


All Guys Dey


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  1. Bala Aliyu
    Bala Aliyu

    There must be something pervasive influencing Nigerian leaders to be so greedy and dysfunctional in governance. Is papire or not, whatever that is? Clean hands do not appear to stand a chance, indeed.

  2. Nas Iggy
    Nas Iggy

    Papiration has to be a special way of life for those wield power in Bongo. At least we now know.

  3. Omonigho B. Otanocha
    Omonigho B. Otanocha

    PDD, tchai!!!
    That one got me laffing, to revive my spirit since I received the sad news of Chief Sami Naffah, an industry based product development partner…
    Sami died of cardiac arrest on Sunday July 10, 2022, aged 51yrs… His body was flown back to Lebanon for interment on July 15…
    Sami rest in peace.

    Dr. Grimot “your coded” kprekpencious JDP (join do papiration) campaign is not a laffing mata oh… High time FELA hall of Fame organiser consider you for an Engineered World-class Laffmoquin award…

    How do you copy???

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