Witches in Surgery Ward

Witches in Surgery Ward is a short story of a man who is ambushed in a surgery ward by witches after a successful heart surgery procedure.

The three-mile journey from my place within central London to the hospital was mostly along deserted roads. In many decades, it was the most minimal daytime traffic I had ever seen in the town. Under normal conditions of peak travel, the roads were packed or jammed at this time of the day.  The day was wet and chilly, but bright. It was Spring. A neighbour, Moreno, was kind enough to take me to St Thomas’ hospital for a surgical procedure that morning. (more…)

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Arsenal Victory Affliction

Arsenal Victory Affliction

The dividends of both mass and social media are controversial, especially when we consider them negative. Yes, we have societal problems arising from media. Yet, these are social and psychological problems. The big surprise is media can now give human beings biological problems and serious ones at that. Arsenalosis or Arsenal Victory Affliction (AVA)  is a recent phenomenon afflicting soccer fans and its only known cause is via media. What is Arsenalosis? (more…)

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Does National Security Expire?

Does National Security Expire?

The Anarchy

The anarchy brewing in Nigeria is near complete. Noting the security problem in Nigeria is dire is not news. It has become a daily and worsening fact. Wear is Nigeria’s national security? No one is safe from violence in the country any longer. Not even the military academies and barracks, high security prisons, nor police stations. And not the Presidential Guard or the President himself. What does the President, Buhari care? Moreover, the Government of Nigeria (GON) has no effective response to the failing state of security in the country. None. None from above and none from below. Video clips of bandits, terrorists, and criminals hold one key reason for this sorry state in plain sight.

Accordingly, the fabric of Nigerian society and culture is today determined by the insecurity. Both rural and urban areas are just as unsafe as each other. The roads are now highways to hell. It is that bad. (more…)

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Are Vice Chacellors to Blame?
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, USA

Are Vice Chancellors to Blame?

The ASUU Strike of 2022 is raising important questions and responses we must not dodge. Market reforms now demand Vice Chancellors should raise tens of billions of naira annually to fund their universities. Otherwise they are not fit for purpose. Really? Are Vice Chancellors to blame for the government’s ancient failures in education policy and practice? Thus, it is a question worth examining.

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Yankius: Papiration & Bad Politicians

Yankius: Papiration & Bad Politicians; more guys gossip…

The Man, Yankius on Papire and 2023 Elections’ Presidential Contenders

Yankius: O Saint Bobo! May papire be blessed! Papire come make you forget me for decades, eh? How in the world have you been?

Saint Bobo: You no dey forget something? Is papire all you remember about me?

Yankius: No. Sexual activity, professional gisting and Guinness small stout.

Saint Bobo: Whatever! Meanwhile, it’s great to see you.

Yankius: What brings you back to Nigeria?

Saint Bobo: Okowa, our governor, invited me to come to work with him for the 2023 elections. (more…)

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When Religious People Need Alcohol (Goscolene)
An Unconscious glass of brandy.

Religious Desire of Alcohol (Goscolene)

Religious Desire of Alcohol (Goscolene)

Goscolene makes us lapotidunious. Some guys I used to roll with, when saying something cryptic in public, would conclude “If you know, you know.” Anyone can listen to certain public utterances, but few may decipher them. The good thing is nothing you read here qualifies as cryptic. Yet, we need not define or explain what lapotidunious means for now. This word wears the coat of mufugbeneity, another adjective which elsewhere is yet without definition, but we will define it. That is what we do. Just a little trust is all we need to assure each other when the means of persuasion are shy.

Shynes! Goscolene refuses to be shy, especially when there is a religious desire for it. How can the most popular alcoholic drink in the Niger Delta be shy? If oil, the reason for Nigeria’s neo-colonisation, and palm oil the incentive for Nigeria’s colonisation, both products of the Niger Delta, are not shy, why will goscolene be shy? (more…)

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