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  1. I like your explanation of corruption because it is different from the usual moralising. Helplessness (I call it disempowerment) is a problem we all face that makes us tolerate more and more degeneracy in society by the day. I also like the idea of stationary and roving bandits because it is very apt. I do not agree that if there is a referendum on corruption in Nigeria the masses would vote for continued corruption. It is a patronising presumption. Maybe the elite would vote that way but not the poor masses. Let us see what you come up with in part two. Stay strong.

  2. I like this essay so much and I have learnt a lot from it. I would appreciate if writers like you can write on Nigeria forums or websites such as daily news websites or My reason is that the anticorruption movement in Nigeria needs momentum on all fronts but all we get is heroes and villains and little else. I bet you agree with me. I Stand United against Corruption!

  3. Nigeria is more or less a nation of roving bandits, thanks to the author’s explanation. Except for a complete bloody revolution I do not see civil society or monetisation or media or the internet resources stopping our big men from roving. Part two, please!

  4. Corruption is like gout when excess food and drink are available its occurence becomes common but when rations are modest gout disappears from society. When Nigeria’s rich oil resources finishes corruption will disappear.

  5. I would like to see wikileaks expose the true details of high-level corruption in Nigeria. The Transparency International style is too vague and ineffectual.

  6. We can now comfortably accept what was always denied in the true spirit of imperialism and Western hatred – those who own the world cause problems for 3rd World countries then get their subjects to make holier than though careers (whether academic, political, ideological, economic, historical, military and economic) out of condemning the 3rd World using vacuous myths which Westerners love to believe like corruption, incompetence, low I.Q., tribalism. Well, the owners of the world can always put the cat back into the bag like nothing happened. Beasts

  7. All Say “wikileaks”… Wikileaks
    All Say “wikileaks”… Wikileaks
    All Say “wikileaks”… Wikileaks
    How many times did I say it?

  8. I am one of those who has spent my life vehemently condemning my people that blame the west for our political and economic woes. I now known better and seek attrition. I can see our worst leader ever was Obasanjo because he was so buddy buddy with the rulers of the planet. I wonder how widened his anus is. God Bless wikileaks!

  9. My question is can corruption be removed or separated from the Nigerian culture that obviously promotes and glorifies corruption? The unspoken solution to corruption in Nigeria is bloodshed. I would be happy to see a very peaceful solution to corruption in Nigeria but not the kind offered by the imperialist lapdogs, Transparency International and cohorts.

  10. I will like to see the original and complete wikileaks documents on Shell’s infiltration of Nigeria’s government departments. What did Shell’s management actually perpetrate or achieve by planting officials in government? Reading the blog on here “Educating A Shell Worker” we clearly now how Shell infiltrated the Nigerian government i.e. using scholarships, jobs and contracts. Is Shell responsible for grand levels of corruption, genocide, ecocide, misgovernance in Nigeria? Did Ken Saro-Wiwa die because of Shell’s profiteering or Abacha’s megalomania or both? It is simply not enough to mention just that Shell’s infiltrated the government. What is Shell responsible for in Nigeria? We want to know! And scientifically.

  11. Grimot, I am keenly for your explanation or prescription for a cure for corruption in Nigeria and perhaps elsewhere. I hope you are still working on it. Best of luck.

  12. It has been a while now and I am not expecting magic but I would like to know what solutions you have come up with to cure corruption in Nigeria. I read a 2009 paper of yours recently and it appeared to have a few good practical solutions. Or is it that you are longer active on this blog? You have not written anything here since February. I hope all is well with you. Cheers