Seadogs: Arrest MC Oluomo

Seadogs: Arrest MC Oluomo

The National Association of Seadogs (NAS) claims to be a noble organisation. NAS’ impacts on society past, present and future will either confirm or dismiss the claim. The reader will however find any sincere denunciation of tribal hatred a noble undertaking. Nevertheless, the denunciations of ethnic bigotry must be consistent, fair and factual for them to be noble. Otherwise, claims of witch-hunts, exaggerations or slander may be valid defences. It is Nigeria. Therefore, the question arises. How should we take the call by NAS for the arrest of MC Oluomo by the Nigerian Police Force Command in Lagos State? And the suggestion of what happens if the cops do nothing?

Aptly, Claude Ake did say after Nigerian politicians successfully fought for independence one. The same politicians would degrade themselves afterwards. By fanning the flames of ethnic and religious divisions just to hold power. When politicians fail in elections they resort to the same today. It is a historical habit of Nigerian politics. The case surrounding MC Oluomo; political desperation dishing itself out as wholesale ethnic hatred.

The pressing question is, has NAS chosen to “shoot the messenger” not the sender. Or “catch the servant” not the master?  It’s a worthy and weighty question considering the special interests in Nigerian politics.

Against Tribalism is one of the spoken tenets of NAS, a multi-ethnic association with thousands of members. Tenets are tenets. However, rare is a Christian who lives in exact accordance with the Gospel of Matthew. The same is true for most organisations. Nevertheless, we can offer NAS the benefit of doubt in this case. Against tribal hatred is a necessary slogan, goal and national ambition. MC Oluomo is guilty of inciting racial violence against an ethnic group. Against the Igbos resident in Lagos, if they dare vote for the Labour Party in the March 18th, 2023, Governorship elections. Or vote against his godfathers’ party, the All-People’s Congress. Evidence of the offence is on video. Yet, MC Oluomo is an easy target; mightier men are guilty of the same crime same time.

MC Oluomo is an enforcer in Lagosian politics. He is neither a principal, patron, nor powerbroker in Lagos or elsewhere. Following orders is his job. Interestingly, MC Oluomo is one of those motor park or transport managers who became powerful electoral fixers in their states. Since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999. In Delta State it was Ghaddafi of Effurun motor park, now late. In Bayelsa State there was the man, Osuo. Now, in Lagos State, it is MC Oluomo. Others exist.

Unsurprisingly, MC Oluomo and his kind are invaluable to sitting governors or political godfathers. Governors and godfathers find such crimes indispensable for elections. Deaths, beatings, torture, threats, ballot box snatching, ballot destruction are political services in Nigeria. Furthermore, thuggery, intimidation, violence and impunity are their tools of brute politics. Democracy on the backs of dominant thugs is the democracy Nigeria has, yes, it is. Questionable men and rogues like dominant thugs, INEC bigwigs, national security chiefs, party principals and bankers are the deciders of dodgy elections on behalf of their godfathers. Despite evidence of electoral crimes, the elections stand. The more criminal the better.

If “Arrest MC Oluomo” happens, it would be ground-breaking for NAS and the nation. But a new dominant thug will replace him the day after, that is assuming he even faces a criminal trial and loses his case. Arrest and jail political godfathers in the country for ethnic bigotry, Nigeria’s politics and elections will clean up for sure.

Thus, which of the two scenarios above will NAS prefer?


Be good, not lucky.

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