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  1. Are you sure the head of that guy is correct, I think it needs good checking. There is a pathology of some kind going on his attic. I perhaps will laugh about it later on.

  2. The guy slept with a harlot. I have heard a girl seriously claim that her pregnancy was due to regular bouts of incubus that she had experienced in the past and her mother believed it was true. The child from that pregnancy now lives with the father in Texas.

  3. If HIV/AIDS has no practical cure it should be the case that it cannot have a spiritual cause. Q.E.D. Guys should be rational and practice safe sex consistently. I am very fortunate that I do not dream.

  4. I’m not surprised. Most Nigerians are very superstitious people so blaming withcraft and juju for everything that goes wrong is business as usual. When I was still in Nigeria I couldnt wake up in the morning, always tired and very weak and after trying two hospitals without success my parent took me to a few healers and church who said I was a cursed with heavy spirit cast on me to block my progress, I was prayed for regularly with stronger and stronger prayer the problem remained. On arriving in Holland I was diagnosed and treated for adrenal insufficiency and I now live a very healthy active life. A lack of enlightenment is the problem.

  5. Do you guys not know that antibiotics, steroids, pregnancy tests, antipsycotics and so forth and so on were all invented in the coven by witches? lol

  6. I am surprised the author ridicules irrational thinkers but himself believes in God. Is that not like a brandy drinker calling a lager drinker mistaken?

  7. Superstition and belief in the supernatural should classified as a pandemic and the United Nations should seek to erdicate it like they did small pox.

  8. It is typical that women are the main culprits in this story and responses. Belief in God is not superstition at all and should not be made out to look so.

  9. This story either has to be either made up or of a very strange guy. Catching cac through dreaming is a very wierd tale. I would like to meet the guy in person and see if he needs prayers.