Spiritual Infections, Physical Cures

Spiritual Infections, Physical Cures: Catching Gonorrhea In A Dream

I am increasingly taking the message of James Randi quite seriously, well beyond and above average, because of the decadent state of belief and irrationality that certain people adopt and adhere to in their quest to explain the unacceptable conditions of life they encounter. Beliefs are the software that keeps society together but only when they are the stuff of “useful or rational” contents necessary for its proper coordination.

One exceptional case that makes me more pro-Randi than usual but not an atheist occurred when an acquaintance confided to me he could not drink alcohol on a particular night because he was on antibiotics; he had unfortunately contracted gonorrhea. The guy went on to make a bizarre claim, i.e. he had acquired the disease in his dream. Put another way; his claim was that he did not contract the disease materially. That is, by engaging in unprotected sex with a lady. Not in this physical world of ours. But by way of a “spiritual infection” inflicted by a female witch (a hidden enemy). Well, in the astral realm while he was deep asleep alone in his flat.

I laughed a lot later. My puzzlement was too profound for me to do so in the first half-hour of hearing his story. Spiritual causes, physical cures are unusual. And that was that.

Grimot Nane


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