Corruption Is Now A Spiritual Matter in Nigeria

Anti-corruption is not a simple task to handle and it is not always straightforward. There are practical exhaustive steps to fighting corruption if properly executed (even with mistakes) that could certainly lead to massive reductions in the incidence and scale of the phenomenon. Currently, there is nothing of substance either straightforward, indirect or practical about the mission of anti-corruption in Nigeria that swept the current government of President Muhammadu Buhari into power. Corruption has at best become a “spiritual exercise” in the sense that the President and his Anti-Corruption Czar are behaving more like minor biblical prophets sent to warn their people than kings and administrators who ruled people with effective direct instructions. It’s time to pray. Continue reading

Native Politics: Okija Shrine and Ngige


A familiar political face in Nigeria is gubernatocrat Chris Ngige. He is now a minister in the government of President Muhammadu Buhari. Ngige is the man credited with bringing ghoulish acts to the mainstream by taking an oath naked before a juju shrine promising total compliance to satisfy his kingmakers/patrons that he will do their bidding when he gets into power with their backing. It is the genesis of the infamous “Okija Shrine” saga. Continue reading

Spiritual Infections, Physical Cures

I am increasingly taking the message of James Randi quite seriously, well beyond and above average, because of the decadent state of belief and irrationality that certain people adopt and adhere to in their quest to explain the unacceptable conditions of life they encounter. Beliefs are the software that keeps society together but only when they are the stuff of “useful or rational” contents necessary for its proper coordination.

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