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  1. The irony for the typical Nigerian “Christian or Muslim or Jujuist” is that they all believe in something that is really nothing. This is why there are factions, doctrines, denominations, sects, diverse oracles as there are carved and molded representations of imaginary spirits gods, goddesses and messengers of God. No one believe in God but everyone believe there is God. They couldn’t find God in them, they are always looking to the outside – in their anxiety and impatience due to unconsciousness, they create their own gods. The gods they can see, speak to and throw incantations and libations at.

    The murderer, thief, robber – including political and civil service robbers, the 419er, the fake bride and groom and so forth – do seek the protection of the same God in their their acts as does the Imam, the Bishop, and the Pope.

    Which one is your God?