One More Hospital Kpokpority

One More Hospital Kpokpority

Back in hospital is no news. The new part is the special clinic I am receiving treatment. Another gladiatorial battle with my body is about to begin. I have won all the countless earlier ones, still this one is different. The victory shall not be down to my will power alone. I never care though. Diomuemọ!

In the moment I was born I cried my celebration of life first. The second thing I did was to suck breast. Nine months of evolutionary development makes you hungry. So, I suck breast. Not the breast of my mother. Sucking my mother’s breast is the third thing I do in life. The second I do is suck the breast of the only female Archangel. Then my mother has her turn.

Whosoever sucks the breast of the Archangel is an Otuka. An Otuka is best described in the Yoruba language as an Akanda. I will not explain that further. Being an Otuka is to be born with natural Madarikan, angelic protection. The consequence is not pleasant in everyday living. Living under angelic protection means ever living in the present moment. I must fake attachment to the past and the future to look normal. The Otuka is often odd.

The present moment is here and now. To live in it by habit is a joy. Pain, suffering, injury, deprivation and more in the present moment become joy because it is pure, empowering, and abundant. Sex, laughter, delicacies, goscolene, travel, companionship, possessions, money also can create joy in the moment. However, once the present moment expires fear, doubt, insecurity, expectation, self-hate, self-aggrandisement take over.

Only sticking to the provisions of the present moment can offer you streams of joy. A reading of Psalm 23 is a profound but easy rendering of the present moment. Of what use is fear?

Blades have violated my flesh, machines have embedded my body, toxic medicines have swum in my bloodstream, side-effects have flogged me hard. Side-effects prompted my current clinic visit. All such experiences and their consequences are never without true joy for they all happen to me in the present moment, now and now alone. Goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life despite the ever presence of kpokpority. I know where I dwell even in my disobedience.

If life kpokpo me, I kpokpo life. That is fairness though not necessarily justice. Guynes! Nonetheless you must live in the present moment first to do that. Learn how to do it. I was taught by the Archangel in the moment of my birth. A gift.

Those who know me wonder what I want in life. No one has a clue. No one even my parents, siblings, best mates and socobunals. How can you want more than is necessary in the present moment? It does not carry loads nor accommodates that which is yet to come.

If I come out safe, I will have innumerably more present moments to cherish. If I don’t, I have had enough of them to last a few more lifetimes. It’s just one more hospital kpokpority.

Be good, not lucky.



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