The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Round 3

The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Round 3

The third instalment of The Leadership of a Bad Brother has the same context and focuses on the first two. The random presentation of thoughts should reflect the haphazard manner in which victims of bad organisations and bad leaders order their thoughts privately. Some respondents have questioned where this diary is heading.

The author intends to open a dialogue with readers about direct personal experiences of tyranny/abuses, within any kind of setting they have worked or belonged. Whether it is a voluntary organisation, corporation or government agency. The participation of the reader in this dialogue can make open that which is hidden and potentially held change things. Few contributions received so far.

Have you ever heard of Ogbukor? Ogbukor is the art of extremely wicked self-defence. Ogbukor is definitively the use of nasty violence and methods to eliminate oppression and injustice from society as one’s capacity permits. This is no contradiction, for evil and wickedness destroy themselves in the end. The good and just return to take their place. Ogbukor is an excellent catalyst for achieving such swiftly with a predictably good outcome; another kind of adding petrol to the bonfire, i.e. if evil and wickedness eventually consume themselves cannibalistically.

Strangely, Ogbunkor in present times is only accessible to cripples (the physically disabled). Hence I know the art. It is a pity that Ogbunkor is a clandestine art. I think it should be freely available to all for society to have a force to eliminate bad leaders in society wherever they may emerge. I have had a professional bad leader in mind for a long time. Who does not?–15/07/2016.

If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal – Emma Goldman. We always get fooled with elections because of the corruption involved. The most corrupt kind of election is not one where there are more votes counted than registered voters (rigging). Or one in which money induces voters or electoral officials (buying).

The bad leaders secure election outcomes through intimidating voters to vote contrary to their choices. That is the most corrupt form of election. It is the cancellation of a free and fair election (on false pretexts) because the outcome opposes the interests of the status quo. Such that qualifies as the most corrupt kind of election. When they rig elections, they are not elections. If we look back, we can see several bad leaders pole-vaulted into offices of power through the rerun of cancelled elections. that they initially lost or the disqualification of candidates that would have clearly beaten the status quo stooge is duly elected. How corrupted is this?–16/07/2016.

The puppeteers (elder state leaders and financiers) of bad leadership are always the backbone of wickedness in any group or society they rule. Puppeteers are, as a routine, are “respectable” members of a group whose myths, not facts, we know about. They thrive on the apocryphal and mass deception, which is updated as needed. Men in their sixties and seventies living a lie! But why? Money and power.

The puppeteers make up an untouchable elite that is revered within their respective groups. They use this reverence to further the extortion of money and the subjugation of members. The messages of the puppeteer to members are several. “Things will get better soon” is one. “Let us wait for the man in power to finish his term” is another. “Which Christian do you know that lives his or her life purely according to the Gospel of St Matthew?” helps the hypocrisy. Or “things have to get worse before they get better.” And “£100 per member is a trifling sum.” Or “your suffering is the sacrifice our organisation needs to grow” are garnishes.

Notwithstanding, the puppeteers use mild language and memes to encourage members. Never stop suffering and sacrificing, they say. Meanwhile, they enjoy the untold benefits at no cost. They are worse than the most foolhardy bad leaders they used to do their dirty work. Old thieves, old brutes.–17/07/2016.

The good thing that continually militates against the existence of bad leadership is that it always lacks legitimacy and will witness contests at any opportunity available. There is always Boiss-in-waiting wherever bad leadership rears its head. Political ignorance is the instance(s) of believing that power, for its own sake, answers all things despite the absence of ethical considerations.

Patronage, elections, pork-barrelling, log-rolling, do-gooding, charitable works, Draconian laws and high cunning will never make bad leadership legitimate. If anyone wants their leadership to be thoroughly authentic, it has to be thoroughly enjoyable. That is, celebrate the rights, freedom and creativity of the individual. Political ignorance itself is a genuinely great tragedy or tragedy-bearing phenomenon.–17/07/2016.

Corruption is “the exercise of power in the absence of moral considerations”. Initially, it seems an overly moralising definition. But they fashioned it to overcome the narrow focus of the mainstream definition of corruption. Most of all, the ‘government’s bad market’s good’ enclosure. When we look at corrupt elites and bad leaders, their corruption knows no bounds.

All the powers of ‘those who matter’ have taints with some sort of corruption. Whether it is instances of secretive favour-exchange or outright graft. As for morality, we are fortunate to have it in society because if we did not, we would live in criminal and disobedient anarchy. Those who keep society functioning at its best are those who adhere to moral codes and goal consistent ethical rules. Not those leaders and elites who break the rules to serve [conserve] their narrow personal interests.–18/07/2016.

In the “underground”, the rejection of power loss by holders is total. Especially after one has left office. When a bad leader becomes a sworn enemy of another bad leader, it is usually due to one herculean ego disagreement with predecessors’ or successors’ or competitors’ plans/interests. The battle arena is excellent for witnessing the considerable potential wickedness. And also counter-wickedness men are capable of in practice. The painful part is the devastation that visits the lives of unwitting supporters of either side who were ‘persuaded’ to get involved. Informed supporters know the limits of their support.

Deaths, betrayals, smears, sabotage and black-listings proliferate, but they are careful to hide from the onlookers and the public. To be an internal onlooker is also unfortunate. How? One cannot make sense of the nasty games of the warring sides; express any anger at the wanton senseless “war” witnessed and enduring misery shall follow. Silence in the face of tyranny and wickedness becomes the best strategy for securing personal well-being. Make underground power battles overground’ and they cease.–18/07/2016.


Grimot Nane

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