The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Number 2

The diary titled The Leadership of a Bad Brother ( is herein given its second rendering. It is the case the bad leadership, especially of the professional kind, is an increasing occurrence as well as having gained broad unwitting acceptance in society and therefore nothing is done about. However, bad leadership mostly is unexpected and obscured thrives. We shall continue to examine the nature and incidence of bad leadership as it affects the lives of people individually and collectively, whether formally or informally, legally or illegally, secretly or openly.

Truth is the first formidable opponent of bad leaders, who make a futile but assiduous attempt at rendering it a bifurcated object. Living-in-truth crushes bad leadership without trying and is unquestionably something they must abhor relentlessly. When a bad leader viciously punishes an innocent subject despite the evidence for exoneration, and such decision becomes a big future embarrassment, he or she would simply say “hindsight is 20/20”; mistakes do happen; end of the matter. Differently, when a targeted subject overspends £5, the same bad leader would say in public with much grandeur that the subject is “a thief, a liar, a threat to the jurisdiction, a merchant of dishonesty…” Any suggestion that it was just £5 on top of £195, the bad leader would “he stole [spent] extra £5, is that not the truth?” The wicked leader is virtually always in the wrong and thus becomes a post-modernist of sorts to protect him or herself. When found guilty of senselessness or grievous wrongdoing under the a priori rules of truth and verification, the best response by the leader is that the “truth is relative” [usually with a smile of impunity]. There is nothing relative about his power or the money she collects from subjects and on their behalf. But this ‘relative leader’ magically becomes a rigorous mono-linear truth upholder even when there is none to decide with, in situations where he is witch-hunting or scapegoating someone. In the hands of a bad leader truth and untruth have equal status, relevance and usefulness. – 08/07/2016
When ‘daybreak’ comes too early, it finishes off corrupt leadership decisively. Countless scandals, exposes, whistleblowing, confessions, and scoops all hit malignant governors just like midday happening just a few minutes at midnight in the tropics. Evil thrives best in darkness, secrecy or obscurity up till that time when the full glares of widespread scrutiny and exposure shine unobstructed upon it much better than torrential rainfall could. When daybreak comes early, the hiding places of the tyrant cannot be reached fast enough. The nakedness of their witchcraft and the cowardly nastiness of machinations become the ‘spectacle of the moment’. It is a bit sad that when daybreak comes early, it is not always enough to oust the bad leader decisively. It then takes “Boiss” to kick then out terminally even when it was not precisely intended so. Today we see another daybreak coming early, and another bad leader is most reluctantly on his way out. ‘Daybreak’. – 08/07/2016
It is no surprise that some people enjoy being wilfully nasty or evil to others away from the public eye. Still, they simultaneously never want those same ignoble actions of theirs to be known in public. Living with this [sadistic] enjoyment-fear antimony by nasty people requires a particular mindset to handle, a decadent one most of the time. If you enjoy exacting cruel punishments on others often just because it reassures you of your own worth, why wail when the excesses of such inflictions become common knowledge? If you have come to accept the predatory act of parting others with their money/property as your birth-right just because you can, why fear being taken to court? Lest we forget publicity and courts are bad for business, as such people say. I wonder how many people voluntarily belong to associations and systems where their immiseration and torture are good for business, (especially upright, educated and hardworking folk), but guaranteed by their silence. That is quite a mystery. – 09/07/2016
Perhaps the best way to understand bad leadership is to study its quest for the centralisation of power as seen within voluntary, non-governmental organisations. As new chapters start to spring up in emulation of the founding chapter and membership expands mostly because of the ‘live and let live’ ‘normative’ intentions/activities as seen by the public, these organisations effectively create opportunities for lucrative cash collection schemes and human subjugation. A central governing body usually emerges with the pretence of “coordinating” the activities of the numerous autonomous chapters. It does not take a long time before these chapters become ‘colonies’ of the central governing body. Members seeking the attainment of the “higher self” become reduced to ultra-conformists to constantly increasing rules, fees and sanctions—the heads of the central governing body rule by nothing but tyranny. Thus, a purely normative organisation of autonomous chapters morphs by stealth into a ruthless consolidated coercive organisation; “brotherhood” becomes an open-air prison, “friendship” becomes exploitation, “service” becomes slavery with benefits. This tragedy only happens due to the agency of leaders’ greed and power hunger oiled by the docility of hapless members; what a fateful combination. – 11/07/2016
Bad begets bad. Or does it not? One victim of a bad leader in a voluntary non-government organisation once told me that as non-violent as he was, he wished the leader in question was killed by someone else via poetic justice. When I asked by what means he would like the leader killed, his response was amazing but unequivocal; to be slapped [on the face] to death. His response made me laugh, but I realised the morbid reluctant anger years financial, physical and/or verbal abuse had fertilised in his mind. Many victims of corrupt leaders often do not want them shot, stabbed, beheaded, bombed or strangled, they prefer them to die after slow, elongated and unspeakable suffering. Another victim simply said he would want to head butt his oppressor out of office. “Head butt of life” he called it. Did he mean” head butt of death?” What happens when morbid reluctant anger becomes willing? – 12/07/2016
There are specific organisations that need ‘professional bad leaders’ (mainly proficient in ruthlessness, coercion and parasitism) to run their affairs ‘as expected’. Some may think such applies only to organisations that are criminal, cultic or terrorist. Still, the reality is that many political, social, civic, fraternal, religious ones fall into this category, and many of them are accepted in the mainstream both culturally and legally. Where centralisation and repression are a deliberate and significant part of organisational governance, professional bad leaders are sought after, and they flourish. Professional bad leadership is their only job in life. There is a thriving underground labour market for professional bad leaders to carry out jobs that seriously affect members of the public, legally too. Making others yield and obey by any means possible while they conquer, prosper and enjoy is the way of professional bad leaders. Booty seekers! Leadership is about ‘give and take’ but professional bad leaders can only take, and they take a lot. Disturbingly, professional bad leaders have their fans that only see “good” in them. Bianimikaley! – 13/07/2016
Grimot Nane

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