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Yankius on $16 billion for Electricity

Yankius on $16 billion for Electricity

Tafia Hallelujah: Yankikpuzi! Way say you now!

Yankius: Any time you come around here, I know you have a quarrel for me. What is it?

Tafia Hallelujah: You didn’t event greet me or ask me how I am doing?

Yankius: Tafia: “Tafia We Thank God”, What is angering you?

Tafia Hallelujah: No be small o. Oga Buhari is asking Obasanjo what he did with the $16 billion that he voted and disbursed for electric power development during his time as president. The question don wound Obasanjo.

Yankius: I no fit laugh o, I no fit laugh at all. Buhari is just looking for someone to blame for his own dreadful failures again. It is true that Obasanjo, Segun Agagu, Liyel Imoke, Charles Soludo, Ngozi Okonjo-Iewala, Oby Ezekwisili and some others know about that $16 billion very well but why is it now that Buhari is raising the matter? The Senate raised the matter three years ago when Buahri just came to power but it died a very natural death. Predictably.

Tafia Hallelujah: I bet you that only Okonjo-Iweala will deny her role in the disappearance of the money even if hard evidence is produced. Did Wikileaks mention her name in the matter?

Yankius: This is not about past super-bureaucrats. It is about Presidents of Nigeria.

Tafia Hallelujah: Yankikpuzi, but you know that no living President will go to jail for corruption in Nigeria if found guilty. This is not Brazil. Can you imagine Obasanjo returning to jail and playing chess with Babangida in Bama prison or Jonathan and Patience sharing a cell in Kirikiri? E no sweet for mind.

Yankius: You think this is a sugar and honey matter? He does not want to jail OBJ. He and Fashola boasted that it will take them six months to give Nigerians full constant electricity to all. Election time don near and that election promise appears to be the most unforgivable because it failed cataclysmically and no one can deny its effects. As I talk before Buhari is the greatest Blamocrat in world history.

Tafia Hallelujah: Reduce your grammar, please. Will Buhari’s blamocracy work this time at the 2019 election?

Yankius: Kpokpin! That skyscraper rigging has built in Nigeria has not yet been demolished but one thing is very clear, no matter how much Buhari blames Obasanjo, he is the one who is contesting the next general election not Obasanjo.

Tafia Hallelujah: Na true O! And the blame came too late. Na voters I just dey sorry for. PVC ko PVC ni.

Yankius: All in all, Nigerians are not getting regular or constant supply of electricity any time in the near future. All Nigerians should expect and will get is promises and blames, not a thing more.

Tafia Hallelujah: Well, thank God I now have a visa to visit Canada. I go burn my PVC.


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