Mufugbenous and Mufugbeneity: What Do They Mean?

Mufugbenous and Mufugbeneity Means?

Mufugbenous and Mufugbeneity: What Do They Mean?

Since January 2021, friends, acquaintances and even strangers overwhelmed me with questions about a couple of words I often use. I was unaware words can be so intriguing or culturally misplaced. Remarked in my speech and writing, the words creating unexpected curiosity are “Mufugbenous” and “Mufugbeneity.”

Mufugbenous defined is the… let us leave it at that. I can offer proper definitions, but the undue accompanying accusations have deterred me. Words in use are right or wrong, apt or inaccurate, I agree. Accusing me of wreaking mischief or being cryptic or intending to confuse is neither an entreaty nor demand; I reject the accusations with prejudice. Mufugbenous and mufugbeneity have meanings and communicate with clarity. Beyond Internet search engines, unfamiliar but simple words have meaning and currency. Everyone should know that, they must!

Grimot Nane


Please take a look at my post, In Search of the Mufugbens. Cheers

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  1. Obvious Quota

    Eight lines only? Something is definitely up. Mufugbenous and Mufugbeneity are not entirely new.

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