Mufugbenous and Mufugbeneity: What Do They Mean?

In this month of January 2021, I have been overwhelmed by many friends, acquaintances and even strangers with questions about what a couple of words I frequently use in speech and sparingly in writing mean. The words that have generated this unexpected spate of curiosity are “Mufugbenous” and “Mufugbeneity.” Mufugbenous is defined as the… I would have offered the appropriate definitions for the words but the undue accusations that have come with the questions put me off. A word is either right or wrong, I agree, but to say I am wreaking mischief or being obscurantist or intending to discombobulate with my diction is something I thoroughly reject. Mufugbenous and mufugbeneity, certainly have meanings and serve to communicate.

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