AHOY Has Arisen!

AHOY Has Arisen! The National Association of Seadogs have inadvertently begotten a parallel fraternity known as AHOY [Boys]. There is sufficient space for both of them.

Many Men have squandered their fine capabilities but remain relentless in their assiduous attempts to discover information on the Pyrates Association. To be invisible, though present, is a remarkable feat. You cannot see or hear it, but it’s always there with you; seeing and hearing everything you do. To the uninitiated, such capabilities may appear magical, but its mere wisdom in action, if wisdom can be mere. Yet, Men have become curious to know secrets about others beyond their reach because they no longer have secrets of their own, nor the ability to keep them. Men have their rigid illusions and mischief to blame for their self-inflicted loss.


observe that fraternities can no longer hold on to their once cherished status and identities as monolithic entities. Rising with surprise are a few distinct, though interdependent, fraternities. They have the same genealogies, colours, and tenets. The potent internal schisms that foment within the Pyrates Confraternity are well-quenched by the leadership, but outside are major challenges to consider. The nascent fraternity, AHOY [Association of Humble and Obedient Youths], has declared itself an independent ‘brother-association’ to the Pyrates Confraternity.

Don’t you know, I have another Brother!

Long-robbed of due recognition and self-subsisting, AHOY members registered themselves as a corporate body and stand alone strong, ready, purposeful, and are here to stay. The members of AHOY share equally in the provenance and standing of the Pyrates Confraternity. No amount of disclaimers or refutations can undo that. Check out their history and lineage and decide.

The Pyrates Confraternity will have to react. Who knows how? Never underestimate the dogged Pyrates Confraternity, though. With some success, they have in the past weathered huge tremors caused by schisms within and breakaways. The Confraternity has learned the art of survival over the years and will try to weather AHOY emergence. Wait and see is their strongest game strategy. Nevertheless, the times may pressure the monolithic identity of the Confraternity into becoming heterogenous. Change has arrived, a tsunami of change.

Men should focus their attentions on entities they can see and hear. And the schism conspirators within have gotten wiser and traverse the shadows unseen. Can Men see or hear them?

Half sight…


Be Good, Not Lucky

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