In the Spirit of Gbogborima

In the Spirit of Gbogborima

Gbogborima is the spirit, if you like. The Spirit of the Brotherhood of All Men! No spirit is greater, when you discover it. Such men are willing to take the Steps to Brotherly love. The brotherhood does not exclude women, it embraces them. The Steps are the complete structure that arises from the 4-7 Creed. You can table it as a matrix in which every step leads to fulfilment.

The surest way to complete the Steps is thorough commitment. The easiest way to fail is to seek benefits and power during each step. You cannot have both, either you choose one or the other. After the fulfilment you will have all, you need. For you would have learned to live the life under the discernment of usefulness. (more…)

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Subsea Retreat Extended

Subsea Retreat Extended

There is something that makes you jazz into my island, O my Cap’n

Another visit to Davy Jones Locker, you are welcome

There is something that makes you jazz into my island, O Tortuga

I am surely still piping onboard a rough Island, with my samba

There is something that makes you jazz into my island, Paramole

I am evermore sailing alongside matelots; I do no less (more…)

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Subsea Retreat for Captain Blood

Subsea Retreat for Captain Blood

Lapotidunity is the best thing goscolene, my favourite spirit, can do for anyone. Therefore, I avoid downing any more than two shots with joy and not sorrow. How can I not celebrate life despite living a life more tempestuous than El Niño?  Drinking or rumming, it’s all the same thing depending on whom you are doing it with.

Nevertheless, today though, I am drinking alone, and I call it rumming. I do it every Friday evening in the best place for it ever, Davy Jones Locker. I am here waiting for yet another return of Paramole in a few days’ time. It’s his birthday soon. (more…)

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Seadogs: Arrest MC Oluomo

Seadogs: Arrest MC Oluomo

The National Association of Seadogs (NAS) claims to be a noble organisation. NAS’ impacts on society past, present and future will either confirm or dismiss the claim. The reader will however find any sincere denunciation of tribal hatred a noble undertaking. Nevertheless, the denunciations of ethnic bigotry must be consistent, fair and factual for them to be noble. Otherwise, claims of witch-hunts, exaggerations or slander may be valid defences. It is Nigeria. Therefore, the question arises. How should we take the call by NAS for the arrest of MC Oluomo by the Nigerian Police Force Command in Lagos State? And the suggestion of what happens if the cops do nothing? (more…)

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Peter Obi – Obasanjo’s Hope?

Peter Obi – Obasanjo’s Hope? Or Nigeria’s hope?

One should ask what does the support of former generals, ethnocultural groups, and other political heavyweights in the land mean for Peter Obi’s campaign? Peter Obi has earned phenomenal popularity through fostering Nigeria’s first popular democratic movement since the 1950s. That was for Nigeria’s Independence from colonial rule. This time it is for Nigeria’s independence from auto-colonial misrule. The pro-democracy movement of the 1990s was an army arrangement. Obi appears to have defied the Religious-Ethnic-Money complex (REM) that has left Nigeria, according Prof Eghosa Osaghae, a withered giant impotent in fulfilling its obvious capabilities as a nation. Elections should be about “Hope” since politicians who give the best chances of hope to voters become the People’s choice. (more…)

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