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About GNZ

About GNZ

Dear Reader, you are most welcome to the reading and viewing experience Grimot Nane Zine has to offer.

Grimot Nane Zine is a leading opinion and literary blog dedicated to the debate on the nature, role and impact of institutions and consciousness on the Better Society or the absence of it, especially in Africa and more closely, Nigeria.

It is impossible to have a society function properly without stable and enforceable institutions but it is also the case that the improper functioning of society is often the result of legal though insidious institutions. Instances of good institutions take society forward while bad institutions take it backwards, the latter will be investigated where possible.

The Better Society is one in which good government or governance thrives enduringly and inclusively; it is an all-members-are-important society. The Better Society is characterised by socially organised productions that create internal provisions (e.g. formulation, implementation and enforcement of good policies, rules and laws) and external provisions (e.g. the outcomes of a good economy, a good polity and good social amenities) in a balanced and sustainable manner. Who does not want to live such a society?

The Better Society is not utopia. Such societies are already in existence or have existed. It is also not a permanent state of affairs once achieved. It is worth talking about those things that permit or abhor the Better Society.

Grimot Nane Zine will have windows open to throw in humour and interesting ‘bites of literature’ to entertain our audience as we explore obvious and obscure aspects of the Better society or its absence, and and tales that challenge the mind.

Thinking for society… what else?


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