The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Round 3


The third instalment of The Leadership of a Bad Brother has the same context and focus with the first two. The random presentation of thoughts is intended to reflect the haphazard manner by which victims of bad organisations and bad leaders order their thoughts privately. Some respondents have questioned where this diary is heading. It is the intention of the author to open up a dialogue with readers on direct personal experiences of being on the receiving end of evil tyranny and wickedness in the name of authority, in any kind of organisation they have belonged to whether it is voluntary (most especially), a work place, a business or a government agency. The participation of the reader in this dialogue can make open that which is hidden and potentially held change things. Not many contributions received so far. Continue reading

The Leadership of a Bad Brother


These musings as ordinary as they are have been inspired daily by reflections on the leadership of someone I can best describe as a “Brother”. Put together as a diary, it is an attempt to make sense of the tyranny an individual with the help of a few cronies can exact on people of means but no voice. It also attempts to present an eschatology of the end of tyranny as is observed. Each entry tells part of the story as appropriately as is possible. Continue reading

Native Politics: Thieves and Treasures


At the heart of Nigerian politics and the thinking that drives it is a pervasive ‘nativity’ that cannot be ignored or dismissed. Musing without it is impossible. Can you imagine a polity in which the “high and mighty” as well as the “hungry and insignificant” truly believe “the best way to protect a treasure is to have it guarded by a competent thief”? Such a belief though thoroughly ‘native’ assumes that the thief has a strong sense of shame or a sensitive conscience, and is limited to his residential environs. Continue reading

The Ontology of the African VI: Thieving Patriotism


‘Patriotism of the stomach’ is much more pitiable than it sounds. Patriotism even in moderate forms is a thoroughly virtuous state of being to adopt underpinned by loyalty, commitment, support and above all selflessness in support and defence of one’s country. In Africa it is the reverse, with rare exceptions. Unfortunately, the most ‘patriotic African’ (as is locally regarded) is the one who intends to or actually (a) steals the most, (b) profits the most or (c) defends the banditry and profiteering of others the most, from and the at the expense of his or her country. The ‘patriotic African’ is vicious not virtuous. How can a positive ontology of the African come out of such a bifurcated internal conflict? An ontology of patriotism based on ‘the sharp’ dispossessing the state and citizens of their wealth has too many horrendous implications. Continue reading

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