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Being disabled is neither pleasant in any given society, and Britain is a society civilised enough to appreciate the fact very fairly in all institutions. Not everyone in Britain shares such civilisation. (more…)

The Nigerian nation might not be a failed state but it is certainly by all ostensible standards of politics and governance a true kakistocracy. Nigeria’s condition of kakistocracy is a function of corruption and moral decadence. It is a truism to say corruption is a major societal ill in Nigeria blighting its way of life; Nigeria is a certainly bandits’ nation. Hitherto, Transparency International perennially ranked Nigeria as one of the most corrupt nation in the world for a number of years but the recent ranking of the nation as being a much less corrupt from practical experience and common sense appears at best to be dubious. (more…)

I remember in the late 70s, Sacro, a very cool but sociable guy I used to know (he was about 12 years older than me) used to always make a toast at some stage when drinking with his buddies, which was very regularly. And the toast was almost always the same, “that which is good for the people is good for everybody” or “what is good for the people is good for everybody“; he used the latter version more often. The meaning or context of the phrase was never challenged by his buddies even though it did not make much sense at the time. In 1978 he went overseas for studies. (more…)