Aso Rock Suspensions and the Game of WHOT

When the suspensions of the Secretary to the Federal Government, Babachir David Lawal, and the Director-General of the Nigerian Intelligence Agency, Ayodele Oke, by the Presidency were announced yesterday, many enthusiastically hoped it was the beginning of the serious disciplinary approach to dealing with malfeasance and nonfeasance in the Nigerian government. Others may say, too little too late, but it can doubtlessly be built upon. The Big Thieves in government and outside it, will not be sleeping now, but orchestrating watertight schemes that will prevent their heads from rolling. Power is sweet especially when stolen funds pay for it. There lies the dilemma the enables corruption to fight back decisively; the money that hooks in the throat. It is always a mistake to appoint many highly corrupt individuals to government. (more…)

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No Foreign Investment for Nigerian Electricity

Many Nigerians hopefully think that one day, the nation will attract enough foreign direct investment (FDI) to enable the develop development of electricity in the country. The hope is FDI will thoroughly refurbish, upgrade or expand the generation, transmission and distribution capacities of the [now] privatised Nigerian Electric Power Sector (NEPS) to provide customers with “constant electricity” supplies. Please think again! Foreign investors are not coming into Nigeria with $20 billion (at least) to revamp electricity in the country. Nigeria is in no shape to attract foreign investment, and it is unlikely it would have if things were going well. Does Grand Minister, Babs Fashola, disagree? The attraction of FDI is solely based on the assurance that if invested, it will yield ‘good secure’ profits for the investors. What other incentives are there for foreign investors to invest in Nigeria?


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Buhari Has Panama-Proofed Nigeria

Buhari Has Panama-Proofed Nigeria

If you were to ask President Muhammadu Buhari what the most successful thing a person could achieve in Nigeria was? If he is candid with you, his answer would be you to seize power (through coup d’ états or general elections). or to amass riches (through grand corruption). Power and wealth, for their sake, will always breed corruption. By implication, the president himself is not exempt. We all know that, but some are emphatic about denying it. Such is brazen make-belief.

The Panama Papers scandal involving tax evasion and money laundering cases in off-shore havens shook many international heavyweights in the civilised world. Not in Nigeria, though. Buhari’s administration has rendered big thieving Nigerian politicians and quasi-financiers well “Panama-proof”. (more…)

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Anticorruption Is Better Social Organisation

Anticorruption Is Better Social Organisation

This article starts and concludes with the following sentence. “Governance and corruption are about social organisation on a scale that ranges from very good governance to terrible governance.” Good governance regarding government and organisations does not suggest the total absence of corruption. But serious corruption characterises terrible governance. It is important to focus on the definitions, approaches, perspectives and logics of corruption as long as they are appropriate. (more…)

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Corrupt Manhood: Bleeding Nigeria

Corrupt Manhood: Bleeding Nigeria

It is amazing how much Nigeria’s corrupt officials and their clients spend on sex and women. Girls, ladies and new wives who are fortunate enough to be “attached” to corrupt officials are fortunate. The thieves shower their clients, With what? Luxury cars, foreign holiday trips. And cushy rented apartments, new-build homes, land acquisition, school fees, obscene generous stipends, and so forth and so on.

Such may appear a “normal” action of the rich. Well, until one calculates the amount of Nigeria’s stolen wealth that is spent on sex and illicit sexual relations. (more…)

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