Yankius on the Sweetness of Sex

Yankius: Heeeyyy!!! Prickson, himself! The Sexual Man! Expert on Practical Urology! How you doing, Brother? You look so happy, man! Another sweet honey don confuse you?

Prickly Heat: I just tested HIV negative. The test was requested for the new job I will start in the Middle East. I was really scared but I have come out all okay. God is great. (more…)

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Corrupt Manhood: Bleeding Nigeria

Corrupt Manhood: Bleeding Nigeria

It is amazing how much Nigeria’s corrupt officials and their clients spend on sex and women. Girls, ladies and new wives who are fortunate enough to be “attached” to corrupt officials are fortunate. The thieves shower their clients, With what? Luxury cars, foreign holiday trips. And cushy rented apartments, new-build homes, land acquisition, school fees, obscene generous stipends, and so forth and so on.

Such may appear a “normal” action of the rich. Well, until one calculates the amount of Nigeria’s stolen wealth that is spent on sex and illicit sexual relations. (more…)

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